Odd way of buying a Nothing phone 1

Odd way of buying a Nothing phone 1

Nothing phone (1) gets more and more popular each time we find information about it.

This time we would like to tell you how you can make an order to get your model.

First of all you need to join the pre-order waitlist.
After that you will get an email with the invite code which you need to activate within 48 hours. This requires putting down a non-refundable £20 deposit.

On July 12 when Nothing will actually start taking orders – everything up to that point was just jockeying for position. The £20 deposit will be deducted from the phone’s price.

Nothing notes that supplies for the phone (1) will be limited early on, so this invite system is a way for community members to jump ahead of everyone else.

It might seem a bit odd to do it this way, but at the same time it really gives a chance to real fans to get their device as soon as possible.

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