No more iPods

No more iPods

Well we all knew that this day was coming and it is finally here.

Apple has just announced that they won’t be producing any more iPods.

You can buy one right now till it is still available, but after this suppy is depleted, the iPod won’t be available ever again.

It might seem sad for many of us, we have so many great memories with our favourite music machine, but there is no point in creating more iPods.

Majority of current devices can play music, some of them do it even better than an iPod.

We will miss our old friend, but the time has come to move on and enjoy something new.

2 thoughts on “No more iPods”

  1. Hi I purchased a network unlock code for my Samsung on 30/04/2022 and I haven’t received the code yet. Have reached out via email 2 times and have not received a reply. Please get back to me asap

  2. I don’t know why, but every iPod I’ve owned, and there have been many because anything smaller than a loaf of bread somehow always slips right through my fingers and crashes to the ground in the absolute most damaging way and, as much as i hate to admit, somehow i instill a suicidal tendency in small devices! Which is really weird because I repair them every day at work, with loving care and devotion to their overall well being, I have unknowingly somehow mentally associated with a member of the fairer sex! If the Shuffle comes to mind for whatever reason, so does Allyssa! An black iPod Video, so does Sharon! The iPod touch, Wendy it is! I could go on for a good while, and having made this realization not too far back, have had time to mull it over a time or two. Just recently, I believe I have arrived at the solution, or the “why”! It took a little soul searching and getting honest with myself, but being the practical and reasonable type of guy I am, I believe I picked up on one of the more esoteric magical properties inherent in the iPod subconsciously and simply ran with it, not fully aware of what I was doing! iPods are are iGirl and iHottie magnets! No, more than magnets, it’s more like the Pied Piper and the the animal’s utter inability to resist his piping’s lure! So, too, were these girls and women unable to resist the lure of the iPod’s musical moxie and so they did show up and made my life that much more alive and magical and when it’s all said and done, just plain “better!”
    I am very sad to hear your end is nigh, but am so glad I have an eBay account in good standing! I imagine they are going to become much more valuable very soon, so I am off to eBay with a skip in my step and a butt-load of money just transferred to my eBay account!
    No, do not ask, I will not sell any iPod to anyone for any price! This is “the” Darwinian moment if there ever was one! πŸ˜‰

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