Apple has a different idea for Black friday

Apple has a different idea for Black friday

Apple like any other company wants to celebrate Black Friday, but it has its own take on it.

The company doesn’t give you any discounts for their products, oh no you need to pay the full amount, but there is something special coming to you if you buy Apple products.

If you decide to buy an iPhone, iPad or Airpods, you will get a gift card.
The amount of money on the card depends on the product that you buy.

For example you can get $25 with the 2nd and 3rd gen AirPods, $50 with the AirPods Pro, and only $75 when you go for the $550 AirPods Max.

In any case if you are not interested in a gift card, but you want a lower price on the device you need to check local retailers to help you with that.

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