Bose Sleepbuds – $250 headset that you cannot listen to music with

Bose Sleepbuds - $250 headset that you cannot listen to music with

Sound overdose is one of the problems of these days’ First World. We are surrounded by sound, overwhelmed by it – cars, people, smartphones, radios and TVs, they all produce high quantities of sound that assaults our poor receptors. Bose company took notice of that issue and responded – and made some money – by producing Bose Sleepbuds.

Bose Sleepbuds are pretty standard, if well made, noise stoppers. Their function is to make sure that we have a good night’s rest by insulating our ears from the ouside. This outside noise is deafened by a variety of white noise sounds that we choose from the accompanying mobile app: sound of sea, forest et cetera. Bose promises a wider selection of white noise in the future, but also states that it will not allow the users to download their own sounds onto the device, stating that it would drastically decrease the Sleepbuds’ longevity.

Bose Sleepbuds are one centimeter long and weight whole 1.4 gram. They are advertised as resistant to was and damp, and as unable to cause uncomfortable friction in the ear. All of this costs 250 dollars. Are Sleepbuds worth this price? You make the call. Three thousand people who have supported the company’s Indiegogo campaign seemingly think that they are.

Product’s advertisement can be watched here.

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