How to check Find my iPhone blockade on your Apple device

How to check Find my iPhone blockade on your Apple device

Find my iPhone is a special type of service, that blocks you iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Apple watch when it gets lost or stolen.

The blockade is activated automaticly when you turn the Find my iPhone function on.

The easiest way to check if the Apple product that you want to buy has a find my iPhone was by using the official website

The only thing needed was to enter your IMEI number.

Unfortunatelly the website doesn’t work right now.

Not official information claim that it was blocked by Apple, because hackers has been using this website to remove the iCloud blockade from iPhone phones.

Don’t you worry however has got you covered.

Our website you can check for free not only for the iCloud blockade (activation lock status), but for the warranty as well.

Just follow the link below to check your device.

Warranty and Activation Lock check for iPhone.

Enter your IMEI number and click “CHECK IMEI”

If a message Find My iPhone: ON appears it means that the blockade is active.

You will also receive additional data:

iCloud status: Clean – The device was not reported as lost or stolen

iCloud status: Lost or stolen – iPhone is reported as lost or stolen on Apple servers.

If a message Find My iPhone: OFF appears the blockade is not activated.

26 thoughts on “How to check Find my iPhone blockade on your Apple device”

  1. Hallo
    Please help me the iphone of my son 11 years old hes phone is lockd hes vergot apple id en the apple id pasword dis is imei 358762051023508
    Iphone 5 s
    In the screen you ser m******
    Please help idont have mony for new one

  2. my iPhone 6S has an iCloud blockade. It was my husband’s phone and we want to use for our son. Problem is none of his apple id seems to be associated with the phone. We reseted the iPhone but it brings us to the iCloud blockade and we can’t do anything. I checked your website and run the checker, it reports the iCloud status of the phone as clean (Not stolen) but the checker doesn’t show Find My iPhone listed neither it reads: ON So I don’t know for sure if the blockade is active.
    So I continued with the checker and If wanted unblocked It, it has a fee but I don’t understand the fee is for the network blockade (which I don’t think it has) or the iCloud blockade which it does have? Thank you.

  3. Hola quisiera dedsbloquear de icloud con contrasea un iphone 6 s esta limpio es decir que no es robado ni perdido,
    te envio el numero de imei 355696071381954 y numero de serie FK1QW0G8GRYF.

  4. Bonjour,
    J’ai un Iphone Xs max que je souhaite dbloquer ( Tropicalis) . Je suis en COTE D’IVOIRE ( Afrique de l’ouest). j’ai egalement utilis Turbo Sim sur l’appareil.
    IMIE : 353110100330307.
    merci de bien vouloir m’aider.

  5. Hello,
    I have an Iphone Xs max that I want to unlock (Tropicalis). I am in COTE DIVOIRE (West Africa). I also used Turbo Sim on the device.
    IMIE: 353110100330307.
    please help me

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