YubiKey – Facebook works on a new security measure

YubiKey - Facebook works on a new security measure

First, there were only passwords. Hackers quickly learned how to crack those, though. Then, the verification codes came. After entering a password, we would receive a verification code via an SMS or e-mail, with which we could open our precious account. Hackers learned how to get hold on our phones and e-mail boxes, so that they could get hold on these as well. That is why Facebook works on YubiKey. YubiKey is an USB module that takes place of a verification code – after entering your account’s password, you will be asked to enter YubiKey into your device’s USB port, after which the account will be available.

That is all well and good, but think about it – what next? Will we have to walk around with pockets full of cyber key tufts? And if not, then what? Do we surrender to cyber-criminals taking hold on our data?

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