LG Lifeband Touch

LG Lifeband Touch is the latest enhancement to the official announcement live to see a few days ago. According to information provided by notebookitalia , at the end of this month will debut bracelet on sale.
LG Lifeband Touch is equipped with OLED display with a diagonal 0.9 ” , on which the content will be presented at a resolution of 128 x 32 pixels . The bracelet connects to the smartphone using Bluetooth to display notification of calls and messages . On the screen you will see the time dedicated music player buttons to quickly change the song. LG Lifeband Touch also reacts to gestures , making a show of hands will end the call, and the cover of the display mute the incoming call.
LG Lifeband Touch is also a personal trainer , because thanks equipped with the altimeter, three – axis accelerometer and pedometer to monitor distance traveled , time , and counts calories burned , both throughout the day and during your workout. The bracelet is compatible with devices operating under the control of Google’s Android and iOS applications using LG Fitness. Energy supply battery with a capacity of 90 mAh .
The suggested retail price was set at 149.9 euros.

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