Apple has finally launched iPhone 5C

Apple has finally launched iPhone 5C

The Apple iPhone 5 is the first iPhone with a larger, 4-inch screen. At the same time, it has become thinner, with a more elongated body. The iPhone 5 is powered by a new A6 chip that’s twice as powerful as the chip on the preceding iPhone 4S. It’s also the first iPhone with 4G LTE, supporting not just American frequencies, but LTE networks across the globe.
The most obvious way to reduce the cost of an iPhone is to swap the glass and aluminium casing seen on the iPhone 5 for a moulded plastic one. Plastic is not only cheaper to produce, but allows for brighter colours, similar to Apple’s multi-coloured iPod Touch range. Current rumours suggest the iPhone 5C will come in numerous colour shades.
The iPhone 5C is unlikely to change dramatically in terms of specifications from the current iPhone 5. Compatibility with apps would be guaranteed, and any lesser spec would run the risk of being made obsolete before Apple could launch a successor.

When the new models launch, the iPhone 5 will be a year old. Apple has refined its manufacturing processes and the cost of smartphone components has rapidly depreciated, so a plastic-bodied handset should be able to cut the price at the bottom end of the handset range considerably.

As a result, the display will likely be identical in both size and resolution, suggesting a 4in, 1,136×640 panel.

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