Unlock by code for Alcatel phones

Unlock by code for Alcatel phonesThis service allows you to unlock Alcatel by code. Supported are most of Alcatel phones. To unlock Alcatel the IMEI number and ID provider are required. Choose Your Alcatel from the list below.
In order to find your ID provider, you need to check the sticker that is under the battery, or in the newest models, the provider can be found on the box of your phone.

You can also watch the video instruction how to check the ID provider.
How to check provier ID for Alcatel [VIDEO]


2019-01-23 13:11:48 Yosmar

Unlocking Alcatel Fierce XL (Windows) - Muchas gracias, ya pude liberar mi cedl, y disculpen mi desesperacion, ya que me habian puesto un tiempo y ya habia pasado una semana, pero de todos modos muchas gracias, me funciona bien

2019-01-23 06:33:12 david

Unlocking Alcatel Pixi 4 (4) - Legit I researched a few companies offering unlock codes This one had good reviews for a reason It took 2 business days to receive Thanks guys Big help for a small price

2019-01-22 18:49:58 Andrei

Unlocking Alcatel Vodafone Smart prime 6 - Very good and fast..

2019-01-16 19:42:50 Juan Carlos

Unlocking Alcatel OT 280 - correcto

2019-01-15 16:48:43 Jesus Miguel

Unlocking Alcatel One Touch 3001G - Excelente siempre libero aqui mis equipos y todo bien, perfecto sigan asi

2019-01-15 14:22:07 Tony

Unlocking Alcatel 4060A - Worked 100% We travelled your great country for 7 Months. Back in Australia we needed a back up phone. Working out what of the several phones we had left over that was GSM we picked one and then paid a pittance to get what was legally ours and now have a good little back up 4G phone This will suffice till we get 5G here. Thank you 🙏 for a big buck save GBUSA 🤗

2019-01-15 06:14:44 Paul

Unlocking Alcatel One Touch Pixi 3 4009X - have used servise before and just like before every thing was perfect even had it finished much quicker

2019-01-15 03:14:05 Edgar

Unlocking Alcatel One Touch Fierce - Muy buen servicio y rápido con los códigos gracias.

2019-01-14 15:13:20 Ransford

Unlocking Alcatel One Touch Pixi 3 4013D - Grt.but the cost is a little high

2019-01-13 15:08:14 Nsikan

Unlocking Alcatel 7040T - I unlock my ALCATEL PHONE here, this site is impressive but I think communication level need to change because of the stress of checking if the unlock code has been delivered is stressful where as sending it via mail would have been less stressful

2019-01-11 12:01:47 Paul

Unlocking Alcatel One Touch Pixi 3 4009X - worked just the way it should and this is the 3rd time im using this service

2019-01-07 21:29:02 Mieczyslaw

Unlocking Alcatel 2001X - Usługa załatwiona na 5+. Pozdrawiam.

2019-01-07 15:55:40 Orlando

Unlocking Alcatel OT-7040 - El servicio fue rápido y eficiente y se realizó el desbloqueo

2019-01-07 15:25:41 Marcus

Unlocking Alcatel OT 203E - Many thanks for your service, it worked and got me the code I needed in only 3 days. I would definitely recommend yourselves to friends and family. :)

2019-01-07 09:12:10 Carol

Unlocking Alcatel Pixi 4 (4) - All worked perfectly first time. Good quick service

2019-01-04 12:17:24 Carol

Unlocking Alcatel Pixi 4 (4) - Thank you for your swift service,all done on first attempt.

2019-01-03 14:50:27 Marien

Unlocking - Excelente servicio , rápido y efectivo.👍

2018-12-31 17:42:35 julio

Unlocking Alcatel 5010G - Thank you

2018-12-29 22:28:39 Claire

Unlocking Alcatel OT 506 - The code worked fine. I do, however, wish it would be delievered quicker, but maybe this is because they are a small business.

2018-12-28 17:37:10 Tadeo

Unlocking Alcatel One Touch 3020 - Me funciono perfectamente los recomiendo al 100%

2018-12-28 17:36:37 Tadeo

Unlocking Alcatel One Touch 3020 - Los recomiendo 100%

2018-12-28 15:44:47 Janusz

Unlocking Alcatel 2001X - Wszystko działa jak należy. Warto

2018-12-24 17:33:24 Rufa

Unlocking Alcatel One Touch Idol - Great, easily done

2018-12-18 22:17:46 krzysztof

Unlocking Alcatel 3040G - szybko, sprawnie, bezproblemowo , odblokowany telefon. polecam 100% wiarygodnosci.

2018-12-17 15:44:59 Mark

Unlocking Alcatel 4034X - Quick, simple, efficient, good value and worked beautifully

2018-12-15 12:32:26 Mateusz

Unlocking Alcatel OT-6030X - Wszystko profesjonalnie i szybko

2018-12-13 10:06:24 javi

Unlocking Alcatel 2001X - Perfecto a la primera muchas gracias

2018-12-10 19:20:56 Jeremias

Unlocking Alcatel 6016A - Efectivo y muy rapido

2018-12-06 15:30:32 Bartosz

Unlocking Alcatel Shine Lite - Wszystko w najlepszym porządku kod zadziałał bez problemów, szybka realizacja usługi.

2018-12-05 19:17:09 Benoît

Unlocking Alcatel 2001X - Très bien merci, fonctionne impeccable.

2018-12-05 09:24:36 Sławomir

Unlocking Alcatel OT-6030X - Polecam. Kod dostałem w godzinę i działa bez zarzutu :)

2018-12-05 09:21:42 Józef

Unlocking Alcatel One Touch Idol - Wszystko super telefon bez blokady POLECAM

2018-11-29 11:10:52 Karen

Unlocking Alcatel V155 - Fantastic service. Well worth paying for. Received my code within 4 hours.

2018-11-27 11:55:09 Pedro

Unlocking Alcatel One Touch Y800Z - 100% relliable

2018-11-26 16:27:41 Ricardo

Unlocking Alcatel Vodafone Smart ultra 7 - Work great, good sevice.

2018-11-21 20:24:04 GERARDO

Unlocking Alcatel 5010S - buen servicio

2018-11-19 15:27:08 julian

Unlocking Alcatel Pixi 4 (6) - excelente servicio, gracias

2018-11-17 02:17:15 Shelley

Unlocking Alcatel 4027 - Service was excellent. Codes came back super quick and the small fee was worth not having to deal with a diintersted telco.

2018-11-16 16:25:17 Constantine

Unlocking Alcatel 2004C - Excellent service..well done.

2018-11-14 09:57:27 waldemar

Unlocking Alcatel One Touch Pop C1 - Szybka,dobra i w miarę tania usługa,jestem zadowolony

2018-11-13 20:57:28 Waldon

Unlocking Alcatel 5010G - Muy satisfecho. Gracias

2018-11-13 16:02:05 artur

Unlocking Alcatel OT-6030X - Witam. Jestem bardzo zadowolony. Myślałem ze tylko w serwisach mogę zdjąć simlocka z orange . Na następny dzień dostałem kod i odblokowałem fona. Polecam .. Wszystko działa ..

2018-11-09 08:42:20 Piotr

Unlocking Alcatel 3040G - Profeska, wszystko szybko, bezproblemowo....... I działa jak należy.......

2018-11-08 22:05:44 Waldon

Unlocking Alcatel 5010G - Buen trabajo. Gracias

2018-11-08 13:29:28 guillermo

Unlocking Alcatel 4034G - excelente gracias

2018-11-08 09:59:54 michael

Unlocking Alcatel Pixi 4 (6) - on Tuesday I tried to unlock phone but failed but on Wednesday tried again unlocked in a couple of seconds well pleased I must have beening doing something on teusday

2018-11-03 12:45:15 Stavros

Unlocking Alcatel 2001X - Excellent. Quick and reliable service. Thank you very much.

2018-10-30 06:21:04 Lost Boy

Unlocking Alcatel Vodafone Smart Mini - Hyperjump, within ONE hours and successly Excellent

2018-10-29 18:23:02 Caro

Unlocking - Great service Does what it says on the packet. Thank you.

2018-10-23 14:35:11 ANTONIO

Unlocking Alcatel V155 - Perfecto, funcionó correctamente, solo tuve que introducir tres veces el mismo código de desbloqueo, seguramente porque no había buena cobertura en la zona de activación, por lo que es conveniente tener en cuenta este aspecto cuando se vaya a realizar la misma. Muchas gracias.