Network unlock by code for LG phones

Network unlock by code for LG phonesThis service allows you to unlock LG phones by the manufacturer code. Supported are all LG models no matter which network. It is the safest way to unlock your mobile phone without any interference in the phone.

To get your unlock code we only need the IMEI number.


Make sure that you can enter an unlock code to your LG device, before you make an order !!!
Instruction for entering the code for your LG device can be found in the phone description that you wish to unlock.
If you need any help contact us.

Also before you make an order, check if the LG device is not showing a message "This device is permanently locked" if such message appears the device cannot be unlocked. It means that somebody has entered wrong codes in your device too many times, and it doesn't have an option to enter the unlock code.

Newest LG models coming from Metro PCS USA or T-Mobile USA that use a "Device Unlock app", cannot be unlocked by code (there is an unlock code available, but there is no way to enter it into the device). All LG models with "Device Unlock app" can be unlocked by using these services Device Unlock App.


2018-08-20 02:39:20 Francis

Unlocking LG V30 - Unlocked my device, but it took more than 24 hours to process. Had to contact support team to remind it too. Unlike my other orders, it only took no more than 4 hours. In short, I got my order fine, but it took long before I received it. Thanks.

2018-08-18 15:44:50 Xiomara

Unlocking LG L90 - Gracias funciona

2018-08-17 22:03:13 Michael

Unlocking LG X venture - Worked perfectly the first time It took longer than the 51 minute average time, but the turnaround time was relatively quick.

2018-08-17 19:44:55 ibrahim

Unlocking LG K8 (2018) - My lg k8 2018 unlocked succesessfully i am very greatful by service thanks

2018-08-17 15:58:39 Istvan

Unlocking LG H815 - Everything went as awaited. The Code arrived fast ( approxx 51 min). Thanks for your Service

2018-08-17 14:30:30 John

Unlocking LG Aristo 2 - Nice Website I love it.

2018-08-17 14:16:20 Grzegorz

Unlocking LG Spirit - Wszystko bardzo szybko i sprawnie polecam kazdemu:)

2018-08-17 13:39:53 Michal

Unlocking LG A133 - Czas oczekiwania mia byc 48h a czekalem ponad tydzien

2018-08-17 01:33:52 Chinedu

Unlocking LG G3 - Very recommendable...quick response and certified ok

2018-08-16 23:24:08 Jessica

Unlocking LG B450 - You guys are amazing i was able to unlock the phone fast and you guys sent me the code super fast thank you.

2018-08-16 16:19:27 Jean Alix

Unlocking LG K10 - Super ca marche . Merci

2018-08-16 14:09:33 Klaus

Unlocking LG KP235 - Klasse. Nach Bezahlung in 1 Minute erledigt. Besser geht nicht.

2018-08-16 14:08:54 Iwona

Unlocking LG D280n - Bardzo szybko otrzymałam kod, instrukcja wprowadzania kodu też zrozumiała, nie miałam żadnych problemów z odblokowaniem telefonu.

2018-08-15 20:09:54 Adnan

Unlocking LG G2 - Code came after 2 min, and i unlocked my phone in a few secs. I recommend this service.

2018-08-15 09:15:44 Willem

Unlocking LG G4 - A brilliant response in time and efficiency.

2018-08-14 21:11:53 Willem

Unlocking LG G4 - Excellent did this with your assistance in less than 10 mins 😄😄 Many thanks.

2018-08-14 15:49:31 wojciech

Unlocking LG G2 mini - W 3 minuty :)

2018-08-14 12:08:16 Wojciech

Unlocking LG G3 - wszystko OK

2018-08-14 11:22:29 tancrede

Unlocking LG G3 - très bon service. les codes ont été reçu moins de vingt minutes après la commande et le déblocage a réussi avec succès

2018-08-14 09:46:37 Christian

Unlocking LG G4 - Super

2018-08-14 09:36:50 Danny

Unlocking LG G4 - I was hesitant to use this site and unlock my phone myself. However, I gave it a try and ordered my unlock code, which arrived no more than 5 minutes later followed the instructions for my phone and within a matter of minutes my phone was unlocked. Would recommend this site as its a cheaper alternative than taking it to a shop to unlock.

2018-08-14 08:30:12 Markus

Unlocking LG Optimus L7 II P710 - Sehr schnelles Service hatte den Key schon in einigen wenigen Minuten

2018-08-14 05:04:25 Sherwin

Unlocking LG X venture - Fast service

2018-08-13 11:00:46 Alex

Unlocking LG K10 (2017) - I got the code in 220 minutes and everything worked OK. Thank You.

2018-08-12 22:17:21 Patrick

Unlocking LG G6 - Very happy with the service and price, i understand that unlocking devices take time however mine took just over 6 hours which was surprising. However for code worked great and communication is fantastic just beware that it may take some time for your device to be unlocked

2018-08-11 18:28:53 Saul

Unlocking - Funciono perfectamente y muy rapifo que me llego ek codigo, gracias...

2018-08-11 17:31:07 Josue

Unlocking LG Stylo 2 - Buen servicio, rápido y seguro.

2018-08-10 15:52:21 Dawid

Unlocking LG H525n - szybko sprawnie :)

2018-08-10 15:27:40 kayla

Unlocking LG K10 - FAST & RELIABLE

2018-08-10 13:59:40 samuel

Unlocking LG E460 - En menos de 10 minutos movil liberado.

2018-08-10 12:16:59 Tomasz

Unlocking LG G2 mini - Szybko i sprawnie.Polecam

2018-08-10 11:52:53 Gabor

Unlocking LG GT400 - Great :)

2018-08-10 11:15:12 Cristi

Unlocking LG G Pad 8.0 - Thanks. Works perfect.

2018-08-10 03:49:37 Julio

Unlocking LG G3 - Excelente servicio, recomendado

2018-08-09 18:51:03 Luis

Unlocking LG P659 - Muy buen servicio el celular se libero al instante y no tardo en nada en enviar em codigo :)

2018-08-09 18:34:03 Alexander

Unlocking LG LGMS323 - I got the code in minutes and it worked perfectly I was surprised since I'd heard only bad things about unlock sites, but I decided the cost was low enough to risk it. I do suggest providing better instructions explaining NCK vs SPK vs NSCK.

2018-08-09 15:30:13 Marta

Unlocking LG G4c - Wszystko szybko i sprawnie. Po dokonaniu płatności realizacja zamówienia w ciągu kilku minut. Polecam.

2018-08-09 14:44:55 Christian

Unlocking LG G6 - Alles bestens geklappt, warte Zeit 3,5 h

2018-08-09 14:44:15 Christian

Unlocking LG G6 - Alles bestens geklappt

2018-08-09 10:17:31 Andrzej

Unlocking LG KS360 - Bardzo dobra obsługa,oczywiście kod został prawidłowo wygenerowany, tak więc polecam

2018-08-09 09:18:50 Linda

Unlocking LG K4 (2017) - Took me some time to do, but I'm not good at things like this. Anyway sorted, and I'm proud of myself thanks to Sim-Unlock. Will definitely use again.

2018-08-09 03:18:27 Saul

Unlocking LG K10 - Me funciono perfectamente, Gracias...

2018-08-08 22:19:00 Małgorzata

Unlocking LG G3 - Wszystko ok, polecam

2018-08-08 20:06:41 Patricia

Unlocking LG K8 - Très bon service. Bonne réactivité quand on pose une question sur la façon d'utiliser les codes. Je recommande.

2018-08-08 18:49:16 Brandi

Unlocking LG G5 SE - Worked great

2018-08-08 16:30:42 Steve

Unlocking LG G4 - Great fast reliable service....

2018-08-08 16:23:59 Jesse

Unlocking LG MS500 - It didn't take long to get the codes and BAMM.... It unlocked. Thanks.....

2018-08-08 15:53:26 Jose roberto

Unlocking LG G5 - Todo excelente muy muy rapido y confiable gracias

2018-08-08 15:40:36 Bartosz

Unlocking LG G2 mini - 2 minuty i blokada simlock zdjęta. Wszystko ok, polecam.

2018-08-08 11:34:15 Marta

Unlocking LG E610 - Wszystko w porządku. Kod bardzo szybko dotarł. Zdjęcie simlocka banalnie proste.