Unlock by code for Samsung from USA networks

Unlock by code for Samsung from USA networksThis service allows you to unlock Samsung from USA networks by the manufacturer code.
Supported are all models e.g. Galaxy S5, Infuse 4G (i997), Gravity 3 (T479), T919, Behold, Behold 2, Galaxy, A687, Galaxy note, i717 and others from USA networks.

Please check if you can enter a code in your Samsung, before you make an order.

Imei numbers starting with 99xxx are not supported. Please don't make orders for this IMEI number, because there is no way to enter the code.

T-Mobile and Metro PCS are unsupported. They use a special unlocking app that doesn't allow to enter an unlock code.

You can use the following services to remove the blockade for unlock app:

Official Unlock from T-mobile USA (Mobile Unlock Device App)

Metro Pcs
Official Unlock from MetroPcs USA (Mobile Unlock Device App)


2018-03-20 15:18:16 Edith

Unlocking Samsung Galaxy Note 4 - Estoy muy satisfecha con su servicio, recibí el código de liberación muy rápido y les envié un correo electrónico con una duda que tenía y me respondieron en menos de 24 horas, muchas gracias por todo

2018-03-12 02:41:15 Jacek

Unlocking Samsung Galaxy Express Prime - Telefon odblokowany po 15 dniach, dzia³a bardzo dobrze.

2018-02-22 15:35:27 Jacek

Unlocking Samsung Galaxy Express Prime - Super serwis. Telefon odblokowany. AAA+++

2018-02-16 21:26:34 abelardo

Unlocking Samsung Galaxy Note III - good

2018-02-16 10:12:36 Ivan

Unlocking Samsung Galaxy S4 - Great job done, the codes worked like a charm

2018-02-08 13:35:55 Aleksandar

Unlocking Samsung t959 - Flawless like usual. Great service thank you

2018-01-30 17:00:39 carlo

Unlocking Samsung Galaxy S4 - the unlocking was done within the timeframe promised.payment was quick and effortless. the instructions to unlock could be a little clearer. overall a positive experience,i will ue them again,next phone...

2018-01-26 20:45:43 Victor

Unlocking Samsung Galaxy Note 5 - Muy buen servicio... si me enviaron el código ... es la segunda ves que solicito con exito...

2018-01-26 04:18:00 rogelio

Unlocking Samsung Galaxy S5 - Great service

2018-01-16 15:49:55 Omar

Unlocking Samsung Galaxy S III - Excelente servicio. Todo sin problemas

2018-01-15 22:20:50 Antona

Unlocking Samsung Galaxy S3 - nach 10 Tage habe ich den Code und die Anweisung bekommen. Mein Handy Samsung S3 aus USA wurde ohne Problem für alle Netze entsperrt. Vielleicht wegen Feiertages von Weihnachten und Neue Jahr hat es länger gedauert.

2018-01-05 05:08:05 carlos

Unlocking Samsung Galaxy S5 - Muy buen servicio y seguro Quede muy satisfecho con el servicio Gracias

2018-01-05 05:08:03 carlos

Unlocking Samsung Galaxy S5 - Muy buen servicio y seguro Quede muy satisfecho con el servicio Gracias

2018-01-05 05:08:02 carlos

Unlocking Samsung Galaxy S5 - Muy buen servicio y seguro Quede muy satisfecho con el servicio Gracias

2017-12-24 19:40:15 Scott

Unlocking Samsung Galaxy Express 3 - Good Service.

2017-12-22 20:34:00 tony

Unlocking Samsung Galaxy S8 - 100% service

2017-12-21 21:15:59 edwin

Unlocking Samsung Galaxy S6 edge - Gracias por su colaboración en el transcurso de este día les doy respuesta de el producto

2017-12-20 19:57:03 Gregory

Unlocking Samsung Galaxy S4 - This was by far the best company to unlock my old phone. Prices was excellent, and unlock code was accurate. I highly recommend them, and I will use them again in the future.

2017-12-14 07:44:31 Richard

Unlocking Samsung Galaxy J7 - Work great first try Thank you very much

2017-11-05 18:02:28 Valentyn

Unlocking Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 - The tablet was unlocked from first attemp. Waiting time for unlock code was 2 weeks.

2017-11-02 16:47:46 Antonio

Unlocking Samsung t959 - Thanks you great service

2017-10-25 14:32:49 Joaquin

Unlocking Samsung Galaxy S7 edge - En la realidad es muy buen servicio cumplen con lo que disen y pase buena experiencia buen servicio

2017-10-21 06:09:44 Praneeth

Unlocking Samsung Galaxy S5 Active - Right on time. Great Service.

2017-10-17 22:30:35 Alfredo MG

Unlocking - Tardaron algunos días, pero al final me enviaron los códigos de desbloqueo y funcionó, muchas gracias

2017-10-11 10:42:19 Edwin

Unlocking Samsung Galaxy S8+ - Cumplieron con lo prometido, muy buena pagina.

2017-10-09 19:45:14 Sergio

Unlocking Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 - Excelente servicio. El código proporcionado funcionó a la perfección

2017-10-04 15:48:54 Juan José

Unlocking Samsung Galaxy S7 - Very good service it has unlocked 2 of my phones

2017-10-01 12:47:01 Grrgor

Unlocking Samsung Galaxy S5 - Super toller Service 👍👍👍👍👍

2017-09-29 10:48:45 Wojciech

Unlocking Samsung Galaxy S7 - ¦redni czas realizacji utrzymany ;D Zadzia³a³o bez najmniejszego problemu.

2017-09-14 18:57:19 rogelio

Unlocking Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime - Great service.

2017-09-07 20:41:11 ana

Unlocking Samsung Galaxy S5 - Súper bien el servicio. Ya está liberado el teléfono celular Muchas gracias

2017-09-06 23:50:48 Beatriz

Unlocking Samsung Galaxy S8+ - Es el mejor servicio que e tenido su personal es atento y ayuda mucho cuando se tienen alguna duda

2017-09-06 00:58:27 Guido

Unlocking Samsung Galaxy S6 edge - EXELENTE SERVICIO

2017-09-02 10:30:33 Robert

Unlocking Samsung Galaxy S6 active - Szybko, sprawnie, profesjonalnie. Pole cam

2017-08-04 18:40:05 Scott

Unlocking Samsung Galaxy S4 - The unlock service i requested was successful, and worked as expected. I am very happy with the service, the only thing i would like to see improved is the timeframe required before unlock request is completed. Thank you.

2017-08-04 03:33:51 Matt

Unlocking Samsung Galaxy View - Worked on my Samsung View. Took a few times and device read 'fail' to unlock, but then it rebooted and was unlocked for my Project Fi data SIM.

2017-07-23 19:42:58 Josue

Unlocking Samsung Galaxy Note 4 - perfect

2017-07-18 20:18:09 Ervin

Unlocking Samsung Galaxy S4 - Unlock successful complete. Very fast service, I receive unlock code in 5 days. I fully recommend

2017-07-03 20:14:07 Pablo

Unlocking Samsung Galaxy S5 - Excelente servicio

2017-06-21 10:04:26 Kerri

Unlocking Samsung Galaxy s7 active - Superb service. Never let me down yet. Fast and reliable, highly recommended.

2017-06-21 08:47:01 Kerri

Unlocking Samsung Galaxy s7 active - Excellent service, worked every time so far. Very happy, thank you.

2017-06-12 22:47:08 Cedro

Unlocking Samsung SM-J120A - Great Service. Used this many times and got results.

2017-05-13 16:58:22 Kinga

Unlocking Samsung Galaxy Note 4 - Super szybko i bardzo tanio Polecam

2017-05-13 16:58:15 Kinga

Unlocking Samsung Galaxy Note 4 - Super szybko i bardzo tanio Polecam

2017-05-09 19:27:36 Karl

Unlocking Samsung Galaxy S5 Active - Alles hat gut geklappt, der Code War innerhalb 24 Stunden nach Bezahlung da.

2017-05-03 15:11:26 javier

Unlocking Samsung Metro Pcs - It is a wondelful service, I could recomend it to my friends and use it again for further services

2017-03-28 12:41:59 Ruslan

Unlocking Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 - Took almost a week to receive code. code worked perfect, from the first attempt.

2017-03-22 12:47:04 FERNANDO

Unlocking Samsung Galaxy S6 edge - Fast and accurate..excelent customer service.

2017-03-20 21:16:14 Steven

Unlocking Samsung Galaxy S4 - Process was easy and worry free. PayPal is appreciated. The unlock code worked just as advertised.

2017-03-18 11:39:44 marco Antonio

Unlocking Samsung Galaxy S6 - Muy bueno.el servicio gracia por atender mi petición de liberar mi teléfono