Unlock by code for HTC - NEWEST database

Unlock by code for HTC - NEWEST databaseThis service allows you to permanently unlock your HTC by code. We need only IMEI number of Your phone.


Before you make an order, please check if your HTC device asks for a network unlock code when you insert a simcard from a different network.

Newest HTC models coming from Metro PCS USA or T-Mobile USA that use a "Device Unlock app", cannot be unlocked by code (there is an unlock code available, but there is no way to enter it into the device). All HTC models with "Device Unlock app" can be unlocked by using these services Device Unlock App.

Please check also the list of unsupported models and networks.


2018-06-18 19:19:20 Justyna

Unlocking HTC Desire 510 - szybka realizacja zamówienia jestem bardzo zadowolona polecam

2018-06-18 18:13:51 Susana

Unlocking HTC Desire 510 - Did not work

2018-06-18 12:45:59 Ivan

Unlocking HTC Wildfire S - Excellent, unlock code worked first time , highly recommended company to network unlock a mobile phone.

2018-06-18 12:32:29 Kyro

Unlocking HTC One (M8) - Super quick. Highly recommended

2018-06-18 11:41:50 racjonalizator

Unlocking HTC Magic - +rep HTC Magic Kod zadziałał Oczekiwanie ~20 minut.

2018-06-17 22:42:14 Naomi

Unlocking HTC Desire 530 - This service geniunely works, thank god. I used it for a HTC Desire 530 that I bought second hand from Music Magpie and didn't realise that it was locked to EE (I'm in the UK) and wanted to use my old sim card. Also, I was too lazy to actually go outside and get it done in a shop, so I'm glad this service works. It arrived in about 7/8 minutes, which was quicker than I expected, Thanks a lot.

2018-06-17 16:34:05 Beata

Unlocking HTC Desire 510 - Super sprawa szybko i sprawnie. Polecam

2018-06-17 11:59:36 LAURENCE

Unlocking HTC One (M8) - This is brilliant love it will highly recommended thank you.

2018-06-16 09:52:48 Mahdi

Unlocking HTC Desire 530 - Just 10 minutes Exactly prefect Thanks a lot

2018-06-14 14:49:12 duardo

Unlocking HTC TyTN 2 - all ok thank you very much

2018-06-14 10:38:03 Juan

Unlocking HTC One X - Rápido. Y de momento funciona correctamente. ..

2018-06-13 11:43:22 Sharan

Unlocking HTC One (M7) - Quick and easy to use. Unlock code received within a few minutes.

2018-06-12 17:40:41 Piotr

Unlocking - Excellent Service, well recommended

2018-06-12 15:31:15 Tomasz

Unlocking HTC One (M7) - Wszystko szybko i sprawnie. Może max 10 minut . Polecam

2018-06-11 15:48:29 dennis

Unlocking HTC HD7 - highly recommend, quick response

2018-06-11 11:06:42 Christopher

Unlocking HTC 10 - Fast delivery time about 10 min for unlock code to come through and worked as promised.

2018-06-09 21:34:52 Ante

Unlocking HTC Wildfire - EXCELLENT EXCELLENT very quickly and easily. ten minutes and everything works great

2018-06-09 12:57:33 fast

Unlocking HTC One - best unlocking service ever. i trust sim-unlock.net. very fast and reliable

2018-06-08 19:55:28 Hector

Unlocking HTC Desire 626 - Funciono perfecto.

2018-06-08 14:23:39 Karan

Unlocking HTC Desire 320 - Nice and express service good job

2018-06-06 10:21:18 Bartłomiej

Unlocking HTC Desire 510 - Szybko, bezproblemowo. W nie całe 10 minut po sim-locku. Polecam

2018-06-05 18:38:01 Manuel

Unlocking HTC Desire C - Perfecto

2018-06-04 16:23:48 Mauricio

Unlocking HTC Desire 626s - Excelente servicio muy rápido gracias

2018-06-04 10:41:10 Mariusz

Unlocking HTC Desire 510 - Super. Sprawnie i szybko. POLECAM.

2018-06-03 22:25:49 Błażej

Unlocking - Działa. Czas oczekiwania ok. 10 min.

2018-06-02 20:43:26 Bogdan

Unlocking HTC Desire 510 - Hasło dla HTC Desire 510 dostałem na maila w 30 minut. Odblokowałem telefon w Orange i korzystam w Play. Szybko, tanio i bezpiecznie. Polecam za skuteczność i niska cene oraz szybki czas obsługi.

2018-06-02 15:13:21 vikrant

Unlocking HTC U11 - Good service, thanks.

2018-05-31 21:59:13 philippe

Unlocking HTC HD2 - Simple Rapide Efficace

2018-05-31 21:50:35 Alicia

Unlocking HTC One mini - Quick service that worked

2018-05-30 16:30:47 petra

Unlocking HTC One (M8) - I have htc 8m and it is working fine. Thank you

2018-05-29 18:03:25 Ali

Unlocking HTC Desire 530 - Great and quick service. Unlocked phone is now being used. Thanks

2018-05-28 20:40:13 umesh

Unlocking HTC One (M8) - excellent service and so quick love your service

2018-05-28 17:08:51 Ali

Unlocking HTC Desire 530 - Great. Thanks it worked

2018-05-27 13:52:16 Adones

Unlocking HTC Desire 626s - Fast and reliable.

2018-05-27 08:54:16 Witold

Unlocking HTC Desire 620 - Ok. Simlock zdjęty.

2018-05-26 14:20:26 Steven

Unlocking HTC Desire 320 - Obviously works...That's why I keep coming back to these guys Happy to recommend to everyone

2018-05-24 16:33:24 Juan

Unlocking HTC Desire 510 - Excelente servicio, muy rapido

2018-05-24 10:14:58 Arkadiusz

Unlocking HTC Desire 620 - Wszystko przebiegło sprawnie i zadziałało.

2018-05-24 00:56:38 David

Unlocking HTC Desire 320 - In 5 minutes my phone was unlocked. Thanks, will recommend your service.

2018-05-23 09:37:43 Stephen

Unlocking HTC One (M8) - cheers

2018-05-23 06:57:05 EDNA-MAY

Unlocking HTC One - I'm very much satisfied with the prompt result. It's been a month since I was figuring out how to unlock my HTC one which I already sent to my nephew in the Philippines. He was so ecstatic that he now can use that phone. So glad I don't have to pay that much. Very grateful customer, Edna-May K

2018-05-22 22:20:31 john

Unlocking - VERY fast on receiving(few minutes, less than 10). I did not think that it would work because my model is older, but it worked perfect.

2018-05-20 20:17:05 Frank

Unlocking HTC One M9 - Worked awesome had the code and unlocked phone in less than 5 minutes

2018-05-20 16:40:40 Gustavo

Unlocking HTC One A9 - Excelente servicio muy rápido

2018-05-17 23:28:00 Gerard

Unlocking HTC Desire 510 - Fastest & cheapest unlocking service 101% Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction

2018-05-17 17:44:32 Magda

Unlocking HTC Desire 620G dual sim - Szybko i sprawnie. Polecam

2018-05-17 08:32:10 małgorzta

Unlocking HTC Desire 510 - Witam, jestem zadowolona z szybkiego załatwienia sprawy ja również ważnym dla mnie było zmniejszenie ceny od wymaganej przez operatora. Jeszcze raz bardzo dziękuję i pozdrawiam Małgorzata Polakiewicz

2018-05-16 22:46:20 Wiesława

Unlocking HTC Desire 620 - jest ok,wszystko dziala

2018-05-16 20:36:07 Krzysztof

Unlocking HTC Desire 510 - Bardzo szybka i sprawna obsługa. Kod bezproblemowo zdjął simlocka. Polecam

2018-05-16 20:30:54 Magdalena