Unlock by code for HTC - NEWEST database

Unlock by code for HTC - NEWEST databaseThis service allows you to permanently unlock your HTC by code. We need only IMEI number of Your phone.


Before you make an order, please check if your HTC device asks for a network unlock code when you insert a simcard from a different network.

Newest HTC models coming from Metro PCS USA or T-Mobile USA that use a "Device Unlock app", cannot be unlocked by code (there is an unlock code available, but there is no way to enter it into the device). All HTC models with "Device Unlock app" can be unlocked by using these services Device Unlock App.

Please check also the list of unsupported models and networks.


2019-03-22 21:36:40 James

Unlocking HTC One M8s - got the code after about 5 mins. Great stuff

2019-03-22 09:12:13 Frank

Unlocking HTC Desire - Perfekt

2019-03-22 08:34:49 Łukasz

Unlocking HTC Desire 510 - Tanio szybko i solidnie

2019-03-20 19:45:07 demia

Unlocking HTC Wildfire - Great thanks it took just 10minutes

2019-03-20 11:31:42 Krystian

Unlocking HTC Rhyme - Szybko i bezproblemowo, polecam

2019-03-20 10:15:17 Rick

Unlocking HTC Desire 650 - Got code in about 5 mins. Overseas and couldn't use phone as it was locked. Used this and saved me heartache

2019-03-19 21:09:45 Colin

Unlocking HTC Desire - Quick and worked. Perfect

2019-03-19 15:09:26 fabiola

Unlocking HTC Desire 510 - Muy bien servicio me encantó muy efectivo y rápido

2019-03-18 18:51:11 AGUSTIN

Unlocking HTC One (M8) - Respuesta bastante rapida y efectiva

2019-03-18 18:08:49 Ismael

Unlocking HTC Desire 610 - Funcionó rapidísimo Y la liberación fue en segundos

2019-03-15 19:43:56 JENNIFER

Unlocking HTC One M8 - Brilliant. Got the code as soon as I paid and unlocked straight away. And half the price of other sites.

2019-03-11 11:07:17 suman prakash

Unlocking HTC Desire 510 - Very good service recommended

2019-03-09 02:44:33 Florencio

Unlocking HTC 8XT - Gracias me llego mi código muy rápido de lo que esperaba solo que hay un problema no lo puedo ingresar en mi teléfono htc con windors no se como hacerlo

2019-03-04 16:22:30 Mateusz

Unlocking HTC Desire 620 - Wszystko ok polecam jak najbardziej.

2019-03-04 14:45:08 trex

Unlocking HTC One (M7) - Worked for my ATT locked HTC one M7

2019-03-04 13:37:01 wanderlyn

Unlocking HTC One A9 - Excelente servicio muy complacido

2019-03-04 08:36:49 Niranjan

Unlocking HTC One M8s - Works like charm. No hickups. Just order for the Unlock Key. Get a mail in 10 mins. That's it. Competitive price.

2019-03-04 08:26:13 Erik

Unlocking HTC Desire 530 - This is a highly well working company. It's fast too. My problem was solved within 2 hours. Highly recommended and i will use again if need be. Thank you. 6 stars

2019-03-02 04:22:52 Nathaniel

Unlocking HTC Desire 530 - Unlocked my phone easily. Received two numbers the first didnt work but the second did the job. Saved me the trouble of going through Telstra. Would recommend.

2019-02-28 20:24:02 Hermes

Unlocking HTC Desire 510 - Excelente servicio rápido

2019-02-28 09:33:04 Krystal

Unlocking HTC One mini - Quick and efficient easy to use. Will definitely use again

2019-02-26 03:44:10 Luis Angel

Unlocking HTC One - Rapido y seguro

2019-02-25 18:07:27 Sam

Unlocking HTC Desire C - Excellent Service. Up and running within 10 minutes. What can I say, Brilliant.

2019-02-25 18:06:45 Sam

Unlocking - Excellent service. Up and running within 10 minutes. What can I say, absolutely brilliant.

2019-02-25 15:19:22 KEIM

Unlocking HTC One (M7) - Great service.In 5 minute and it's working.Thank you.

2019-02-25 10:43:15 Ahmad

Unlocking HTC Desire 510 - Great service, HTC desire unlock code has been generated within the 10 minutes as promised. Thank you for saving me lot of hassle....

2019-02-23 09:11:20 maxinE

Unlocking HTC One X+ - I was very sceptical initially that I would receive a code that would actually unlock my phone. No need to worry though - the code came through within a couple of minutes and worked immediately. Thank you

2019-02-22 12:15:31 James

Unlocking HTC One M9 - Absolutely brilliant..took two minutes on line and the code came through five mins later..sorted..and at very little cost..thanks.. highly recommend..Jim.

2019-02-22 11:59:09 Przemek

Unlocking HTC Desire 620 - Wszystko poszło szybko i sprawnie. Polecam

2019-02-21 11:03:23 Czarek

Unlocking HTC Desire 510 - Szybko, sprawnie i skutecznie. Polecam.

2019-02-20 19:25:42 Michael

Unlocking HTC One M9 - Krass, hat echt funktioniert. Hat nur 5 Minuten gedauert. TOP

2019-02-20 10:46:03 iza

Unlocking HTC Desire 510 - Szybko i profesionalne. Polecam.

2019-02-18 22:09:24 Nigel

Unlocking HTC One mini 2 - Simple user friendly process that was fast and competitive

2019-02-18 09:49:14 Adrian

Unlocking HTC Desire 510 - Wszystko przebiegło bardzo sprawnie i szybko. Od złożenia zamówienia do otrzymania kodu jakieś 3 minuty. Wszystko działa jak należy. Polecam w 100%.

2019-02-12 13:21:48 Filip

Unlocking HTC One (M7) - Wszystko przebiegło tak jak było opisane. Kod dostałem po paru minutach i działał :) Polecam

2019-02-11 20:05:21 Owen

Unlocking HTC SPV C550 - Easy and quick. Thanks

2019-02-11 09:40:43 Anthony

Unlocking HTC U11 Life - Ideal work a treat thank you will use again and recommend to people

2019-02-11 09:36:02 Andrzej

Unlocking HTC Desire 510 - Polecam,czekałem nie spełna 3 minuty,szybko i bezpiecznie

2019-02-11 08:57:44 mark

Unlocking HTC One (M7) - Quick and easy.

2019-02-09 21:07:25 LUIS

Unlocking HTC Desire 626s - Sí funciona, excelente. Muchas gracias

2019-02-09 15:41:33 Beata

Unlocking HTC One - Pełen profesjonalizm,wszystko działa.

2019-02-07 23:13:32 Krzysztof

Unlocking HTC Desire 310 - Kod otrzymałem w 5 minut, wszsytko zadziałało za pierwszym razem. W punkcie GSM taka usługa to koszt min. 50 zł. ;)

2019-02-07 08:21:26 Haylee

Unlocking HTC Desire X - Very fast an smooth transaction thank you

2019-02-05 11:24:56 Martin

Unlocking HTC Desire HD - Rapide, efficace et pas cher. Le code est arrivé en 10mn.

2019-02-05 08:43:56 B

Unlocking HTC Desire 601 - Quick and simple. Worked just as advertised, thank you

2019-02-03 20:37:22 Gordon

Unlocking HTC U11 - Nice very quick service but I do not agree to pay anyone to unlock a mobile phone it should be available. For anyone who wants to unlock there phone phones should not be locked before people buy them this is tampering with peoples property for a money making rackett well agonized

2019-02-01 08:38:55 Reus

Unlocking HTC Desire S - Ging schnell ohne Probleme

2019-02-01 08:38:15 Reus

Unlocking HTC Desire S - Hat super geklappt.

2019-01-31 01:55:16 Isaiah

Unlocking HTC Desire 530 - Perfect to all the sceptical niggas out there

2019-01-29 14:59:27 ronda

Unlocking HTC Desire Eye - Very fast service and the price is reasonable. Will recommend them to friends and family.