Unlock by code Samsung from Cricket USA

Unlock by code Samsung from Cricket USAUnlock by code Samsung from Cricket USA allows you to unlock your Samsung phones by the manufacturer code.
This service is only for phones locked in Cricket USA We support ALL Samsung phone models.

Please check if you can enter a code or You must unlock by APP UNLOCK DEVICE in your Samsung, before you make an order.

Imei numbers starting with 99xxx are not supported. Please don't make orders for this IMEI number, because there is no way to enter the code.

You can use the following service to remove the blockade for unlock app:

Official Unlock from MetroPcs USA (Mobile Unlock Device App)
2019-09-06 15:02:20 Michael

Unlocking Samsung Galaxy A20 - Great service. Got the codes in just 6 days as well as complete instructions. Will deal with them again. Great job.

2019-08-01 14:47:32 Jayson

Unlocking Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900M - Muy bueno tardo un poco pero genial servicio

2019-01-25 17:14:37 john

Unlocking Samsung Galaxy A6s - Amazing Service

2018-12-20 11:04:17 Hinrich

Unlocking Samsung Galaxy J3 (2018) - Hat wunderbar geklappt Noch ein Hinweis: Beim Samsung J3 muss man nicht wie beschrieben in den Einstellungen den Code eingeben, sondern die Metro PCS App Lockout verwenden.

2018-12-19 09:00:10 Brian

Unlocking Samsung Galaxy J7 prime - It worked. That's all that matters.

2018-12-18 10:51:38 Fernando

Unlocking Samsung Galaxy J3 - Muy confiable y muy recomendable, dudas se contestan muy rápido. Excelente servicio.

2018-12-12 03:13:39 Zaida

Unlocking Samsung Metro Pcs - Amazing. I recommend this page, they are responsible and they work fast.

2018-11-15 01:15:44 Kelekolio

Unlocking Samsung Galaxy S5 - Thank you for the good service reliable and trustworthy 👍

2018-10-21 15:17:32 Junaid

Unlocking Samsung SGH-T399N - Service was Excellent, I got my friend Samsung SGH-T399N unlocks easy.

2018-09-14 21:16:57 Alfredo

Unlocking Samsung Galaxy J7 prime - Thanks, i am very satisfice with the service, was fast and acurate since first time, little confuse in the begining, because i was waiting for a code sent to me. Now i can make my trip taking my phone with me. Thanks again

2018-09-14 17:45:51 Senthil

Unlocking Samsung Galaxy J7 prime - prompt service might take overnight to get it unlocked. Need emphasis or warning to update the system before unlock process

2018-08-26 11:58:24 Denise Pago Pago

Unlocking Samsung Galaxy J3 (2017) - This is a legit site offering reliable and prompt service that is woryh what you pay. After you provide some basic information about your phone, you follow easy directions to permanently unlock. Highly recommend their service.

2018-08-17 11:50:51 Quentin

Unlocking Samsung Galaxy J3 - I've always been afraid of using unlock services. I know I sound like a typical believer or advertiser now. But it works. Took around an hour and half to receive the code. I didn't even need to type in the code because I am using a metro pcs phone. After receiving the code, I went back to device unlock and pressed permanent unlock. And was done. I guess the instructions on this site was wrong. But the phone told me how to unlock itself regardless. The "Device Unlock" was in the metro pcs folder. Thanks alot.

2018-08-15 14:13:17 Tammy

Unlocking Samsung Metro Pcs - Super fast Great service.

2018-08-08 10:23:23 romaine

Unlocking Samsung Galaxy S4 - Great service and customer service

2018-07-20 01:31:36 Samuel

Unlocking Samsung Galaxy J7 - Excelente. Bastante rapido y efectivo. Gracias.

2018-07-14 21:29:24 Roger

Unlocking Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 - Great service and prices. Thanks

2018-07-07 12:25:22 CRISTHIAN

Unlocking Samsung Galaxy J3 Emerge - Excellent it’s perfect

2018-06-15 13:17:37 Raul

Unlocking Samsung Galaxy J7 prime - Good excellent

2018-06-15 07:48:07 Raul

Unlocking Samsung Galaxy J7 prime - Excelente Muy agradecido con esta página la súper recomiendo.

2018-05-16 20:08:36 Tyee

Unlocking Samsung SGH-T399N - Works great Unlocked a metropcs Samsung and now using it only t-mobile

2018-02-25 09:16:55 Kelekolio

Unlocking Samsung SGH-T399N - I find it very trustworthy n it helps me alot with the unlock,thank u very much keep up the good work

2018-02-20 11:32:16 Ron

Unlocking Samsung SGH-T599N - I was so satisfied with the service here it was fast an reliable i recommend it to anyone who wants to give it a try

2018-02-12 19:20:06 Erica

Unlocking Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 - I love your unlocking services I go thru phones like crazy and every time I need to unlock any phone i go to sim-unlock. Fast and easy very little time waiting for the code you need.

2018-02-08 17:18:54 SMexhibit599

Unlocking Samsung Galaxy Exhibit T599 - Thank You ..Thank You ... Worked on the First Try

2018-02-08 01:06:38 jerson

Unlocking Samsung Galaxy S5 - Excelente servicio, justo lo que pedí.

2018-01-22 02:11:12 Lee

Unlocking Samsung Galaxy S6 - Fast service everything works good...Thanks

2017-12-12 14:59:59 Jean Lucson

Unlocking Samsung SGH-T399N - This web site is very professional in their services. It takes around 48 hours to get the code for me. And they have been very available to help me after that to be sure that my cell phone has been unlocked. Thanks, I recommend your service to everybody

2017-11-13 19:06:22 ROLANDO NYC

Unlocking Samsung Galaxy Avant - Excellent and fast service for unlocked code network. Thanks a lot guys.

2017-11-02 19:31:57 Howard

Unlocking Samsung Galaxy Exhibit T599 - The service is quick and simple. It solve my problem completely. Thanks

2017-10-18 00:04:24 Anna

Unlocking Samsung Galaxy S4 - Unlocking my Samsung S4 was pretty easy.Waiting for code from sim-lock.net was just a few hours but not two days.I was surprised of it and happy to find you.Thank you

2017-10-04 21:46:57 Adrian Mujika

Unlocking Samsung Galaxy Avant - Excelente servicio, super rápido y eficaz, ahora disfruto de mi galaxy avant en la compañía de mi agrado. Ampliamente recomendado.

2017-09-22 01:58:34 Nelson

Unlocking Samsung Galaxy S4 - Buen servicio rapido

2017-09-21 10:17:55 Dariusz

Unlocking Samsung SM-G386T1 - szybka realizacja

2017-09-08 01:06:30 mohammed

Unlocking Samsung Metro Pcs - network unlock code in a Samsung Metro Pcs... working codes and nice service, it took 3 days to sent the codes so be patient. I will definitely recommended....

2017-08-23 13:50:02 Marco

Unlocking Samsung Galaxy S6 - Muy bueno

2017-08-22 12:18:49 Yashmin

Unlocking Samsung Galaxy J3 - Excellent service....phone was unlocked within minutes. If at first it doesn't work keep trying. Will definitely use again.

2017-07-06 20:45:00 Peter

Unlocking Samsung SGH-T599N - The service is good. The wait time is also good.

2017-06-21 14:03:43 Luis

Unlocking Samsung Galaxy Exhibit T599 - Buen servicio, rápido y eficiente

2017-05-31 15:35:47 flores

Unlocking Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime - Excelente..

2017-05-16 01:13:24 alonzo

Unlocking Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 - I was sceptical about this service, but this is the best way to unlock your phones network lock.... awesome job and if i ever need another phone unlocked i will use you again

2017-05-14 20:33:24 luis angel

Unlocking Samsung SGH-T399N - Excelente servicio y rápido

2017-05-09 19:11:11 Carlos

Unlocking Samsung Galaxy On5 - Almost instantly, simple. No need to say more.

2017-05-06 10:00:03 Damilola

Unlocking Samsung Galaxy Avant - Very good good service. Code worked fine and phone is unlocked

2017-05-01 20:19:03 Noelia

Unlocking Samsung Galaxy S4 - Al principio no podía desbloquearlo xq estaba poniendo en código q no era lol pero cuando puse el correcto rápido lo pude usar excellente servicio

2017-03-28 08:55:10 Steven

Unlocking Samsung Galaxy S5 - Code came next business day. Unlock code works just like it should

2017-03-26 17:20:25 Kerrie

Unlocking Samsung Galaxy Light - It worked

2017-02-20 18:24:38 Juan

Unlocking Samsung Galaxy Core Prime - funciona al 100%, nivel de confianza en vuestro servicio 100%.

2017-01-12 15:36:34 José Manuel

Unlocking Samsung Galaxy Core Prime - Obrigado mais uma vez pelo vosso servico. Eu recomendo, porque sao honesto e eficases. Bom trabalho

2016-12-29 11:00:24 Kamil

Unlocking Samsung Galaxy Avant - Mimo lekkich zawirowañ przy odblokowywaniu Samsung Galaxy Avant jak najbardziej polecam, przy problemach mo¿na liczyæ na doskona³e wsparcie techniczne.