Unlock by code Nokia from Vip Croatia network

Unlock by code Nokia from Vip Croatia networkThe Unlock by code Nokia from VIP Croatia service allows you to permanently unlock your Nokia mobile phone.
To unlock Nokia phones it is required to provide the IMEI number, choose your phone model, and provide the correct network of your phone.
Unlocking Nokia phones has never been so easy. Unlock codes are completely safe for your Nokia.
2016-10-22 05:48:44 Ivan

Unlocking Nokia 535 - Works as advised. Great service.

2015-12-11 20:14:23 Martin

Unlocking Nokia Lumia 520 - WORKS GREAT TY

2015-11-09 17:28:55 Sven

Unlocking Nokia Lumia 630 - Works like a charm :D

2015-06-11 15:02:50 Peter

Unlocking Nokia Lumia 630 - Sehr gut funktioniert

2015-05-23 00:37:02 Andrej

Unlocking Nokia Lumia 630 - Perfect Thanks

2015-04-28 15:31:20 Igor

Unlocking Nokia Lumia 630 - I have tried the code and it is working as it should Only downside is waiting time. I know you messaged me it will take between 1-4 working days, however I waited minimally 5 working days (ordered on 20.4., got code on 28.4.).

2015-04-24 19:47:51 Nik

Unlocking Nokia Lumia 630 - Excellent service , more over it unlocked cell phone , be sure to recommend...

2014-12-31 15:00:31 tina

Unlocking Nokia Lumia 625 - I had to wait for a few days, but it works perfect. Thank you

2014-09-29 21:39:48 Matea

Unlocking Nokia Lumia 630 - alles ok

2014-09-02 18:11:45 Yannick

Unlocking Nokia 112 - Po 9 dniach otrzymałem kod, którym odblokowałem telefon z Chorwackiej sieci VIP. Kontakt i instrukcja OK

2014-07-28 16:03:05 Nik

Unlocking Nokia Lumia 520 - Excellent service, my Nokia 520 is free :)

2014-07-11 15:39:13 Berislav

Unlocking Nokia Lumia 630 - Very fast and good service, worked as expected

2014-05-20 04:46:35 maro

Unlocking Nokia Lumia 520 - Thank you,the best 35euro i have ever spend :) i found my self in brazil with locked mobile and you saved me,best regards, maro-dubrovnik croatia, Five stars service,all finished in 20 hrs

2014-05-05 17:48:27 Pavo

Unlocking Nokia Lumia 520 - Thank you for quickly unlocked my Nokia Lumia 520 Thanks again :)

2014-04-28 23:55:28 Bruno

Unlocking Nokia Lumia 520 - unlocked from vip croatia to t-mobile. works perfectly. thanks

2014-04-12 14:58:26 Mladen

Unlocking Nokia Lumia 520 - Got the code in one working day and everything works I have now unlocked Lumia 520. And the price is ok, cause when i asked service provider they asked me around 55€ for unlock code..

2014-03-25 13:17:51 Dejan

Unlocking Nokia X2 - Every thing ok, Nokia X2 unlocked sucsessful... Hhanks

2014-02-15 01:19:09 Leopold

Unlocking Nokia Lumia 520 - It took 2 days for code to come.My Lumia 520 is now unlocked from Vip to T-Mobile Croatia.Nice and honest service.

2013-12-05 19:49:01 Klaudio

Unlocking Nokia Lumia 520 - Excellent work guys. Works like charm. Thanks.

2013-03-12 12:10:27 Mladen

Unlocking Nokia 808 PureViev - Thanks.All worked just fine

2013-01-15 00:16:31 Josip Baranović

Unlocking Nokia X6 - Code working, thank you

2012-04-11 19:47:00 Josip

Unlocking Nokia C7 - first received an email with wrong code but second mail was ok