Unlock by code for Samsung from Japan

Unlock by code for  Samsung from JapanThis service allows you to unlock by code any Samsung from Japanese networks.
All Samsung models are supported.
The networks include:

- NTT docomo Japan
- au Japan
- SoftBank Japan
- Y!Mobile Japan

2 codes are available in this service:
NCK - Network Lock,
Unfreeze - restarts the code counter.
2021-12-07 12:02:18 Masuda

Unlocking Samsung Galaxy S21 5G - Thank you,at one try my phone has been unlocked.

2017-02-03 12:38:30 IPSILON

Unlocking Samsung Galaxy S7 edge - Thanks great service Samsung Galaxy s7 edge for docomo unlocked straight away after put code in cheers

2017-02-02 09:56:27 Japan

Unlocking - Succeeded. Thank you

2017-01-29 09:27:40 tomoyuki

Unlocking Samsung Galaxy S7 edge - complete

2016-10-26 16:45:29 no name

Unlocking Samsung Galaxy S7 edge - cool i just done and it works very well. the process was so easy. this services is so cool.

2016-08-13 14:52:19 JP

Unlocking Samsung Galaxy S7 edge - perfect

2016-01-26 15:24:14 hiroshi

Unlocking Samsung Galaxy S4 - Thank you for good job My phone can use any sim.

2016-01-19 05:59:25 TAZAKI

Unlocking Samsung Galaxy S4 - No problem I can make SIM unlock Thank you

2016-01-13 10:55:47 Yuji

Unlocking Samsung Galaxy S6 edge - Very smooth operation. Thank-you.

2016-01-07 17:48:28 Ryutaro

Unlocking Samsung Galaxy J7 - Thank you. Perfect job of you.

2015-12-24 02:31:28 Alexander

Unlocking Samsung Galaxy S4 - Great service Unlocked phone without any problems.

2015-12-22 19:09:20 shoaib

Unlocking Samsung Galaxy S4 - good

2015-11-02 18:16:18 Chris

Unlocking Samsung Galaxy S5 Active - gro▀artig

2015-09-16 08:00:32 Luca Angelo

Unlocking Samsung Galaxy S6 edge - Code was received within the indicated time frame and unlocking was successful.

2015-09-08 14:36:23 carlo

Unlocking Samsung Galaxy Note Edge - GREAT Worked on first shot Thank-you very much Carlo

2015-08-07 23:30:17 Mohamed

Unlocking Samsung Galaxy S3 - Thank you so much. Your service is excellent, my phone is now unlocked and working well. I cant believe I tried many websites to unlock my Samsung Galaxy S 3 alpha SC-03E. but unfortunately they could not unlock my phone. When I entered the code you send to me, every thing going well and smooth. Thank you once again One more thing, to be honest, your service is more expensive than others. I hope if you can decrease the cost for customers to be convenient for all.