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For unlock iPhone 4 following options are available. If you don't know which option use for unlock your phone, please contact us. We will help you choose the right product for your phone.

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  • Excellent service. Iphone unlocked, all works perfectly as described on the website. Thank you

    Monika - 2018-01-14 13:39:55

  • A+++++++++

    che - 2017-12-31 12:32:33

  • Thank you so much I’m really happy

    che - 2017-12-31 11:28:31

  • Very fast, convenient and reliable. Works well on unlocking my iphone 4 from Orange france.

    RAYMUND - 2017-12-25 07:03:10

  • Very Commendable and Trustworthy service from you guys. Got my Gadget unlocked in a short time.

    Twesigye - 2017-12-01 10:43:53

How to unlock iPhone 4 ?

Network unlock for an iPhone 4 doesn't use a code or unlocking sequence. The device is remotely unlocked on Apple servers.
There are two types of instructions for iPhone 4.

First option
1. Insert a simcard from a different network than the one working in your device.
* the unaccepted simcard cannot ask for a pin code at the start. Please use a simcard that doesn't ask for a pin, or turn the request for a pin code off.
2. Start the device and turn on Wi-Fi
3. Small update should be downloaded.
iPhone 4 is ready to work in any network.

Second option (if the Wi-Fi option doesn't work)
1. Connect iPhone 4 to the PC by cable with an unaccepted simcard insterted (simcard from a different network than the one where you bought the device)
2. Start iTunes application on your PC
3. Small update will be downloaded.
iPhone 4 is now network free.

The easiest way to check if iPhone 4 is permanently unlocked is by inserting a different simcard (from different networks).
If iPhone 4 comes from AT&T network and you insert Sprint carrier sim card and a message "iPhone has a simcard from a different network" or "incorrect simcard inserted" appears on LCD it means that the device is network blocked.
However if the device has a signal and you can make calls or send text messages iPhone 4 is unlocked.

If you don't have a simcard from a different network or you don't know the original network, you can use this service which helps you check your iPhone carrier and country check for iPhone 4.
iPhone 4 can be permanently unlocked by adding the IMEI number to its producer's database.
In order to unlock iPhone 4 to work in any network, you must choose the network in which the device works.
Networks that can be unlocked for iPhone 4 include:
Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon, AT&T, EE etc.
Use this link to check the current list of supported networks Supported iPhone 4 networks.
Find my iPhone (FMI) is a function that stops other people from using your iPhone 4 when it gets lost or stolen.
In order to remove the FMI blockade you need to enter an e-mail adress and password used by the owner of this device.

You can also check the FMI status on your iPhone 4 for free by using this link
Free FMI check for iPhone 4. In order to check thet status on your iPhone 4 you need to enter your IMEI number.
Blacklist is a special type of database which includes all iPhone 4 which has been reported as lost, stolen or bills have not been paid.
In order to check the BLACKLIST status for iPhone 4 for free, you can use the following link.
iPhone 4 free BLACKLIST check. To check the status of BLACKLIST you need to provide the IMEI number of your iPhone 4.


2018-01-15 20:22:22 Randy

Great service. Directions were clear, the price was right, and time to complete was fast.

2018-01-14 20:52:51 ANETA


2018-01-14 13:39:55 Monika

Excellent service. Iphone unlocked, all works perfectly as described on the website. Thank you

2018-01-12 18:50:20 Sebastian

Great service. Super simple to use and very fast.

2018-01-08 21:04:14 Wayne Z

Thanks guys for the unlock. Now I can use my iPhone 4S anywhere in the world. Great service and excellent results

2018-01-07 04:27:09 sriramprasad

Awesome service.......... we can trust this site.....

2018-01-04 16:48:45 arely

Tenía un poco de duda al inicio pero, todo un éxito, funciona muy bien. Gracias

2018-01-04 14:19:32 Marcin

Szybko, sprawnie. Simlock zdjety iphone 4s orange

2018-01-04 12:36:30 Sławomir

Wszysko sprawnie poszlo polecam strone

2018-01-02 17:05:14 Jacek

Wszystko super, zamówienie zrealizowane w ciągu doby, a samo odblokowanie w iTunes zajęło dosłownie kilka sekund.

2018-01-01 20:05:04 Paulina

Jestem bardzo zadowolona . Szybko i sprawnie :)

2018-01-01 12:45:59 Marek

Wszystko ok. W sobotę o 18 ej zamówiłem usługę a w niedzielę o 14:30 ją zrealizowano. IPhone odblokowany śmiga aż miło👍

2018-01-01 12:17:41 Michał

Usługa zgodna z opisem. OK

2017-12-31 15:49:15 Baroudi

content et satisfait

2017-12-31 12:32:33 che


2017-12-31 11:28:31 che

Thank you so much I’m really happy

2017-12-30 11:40:53 ANDRZEJ

Witam szybko 2 dni 100 procent zadowolenia .

2017-12-30 11:37:56 ANDRZEJ

Witam bardzo szybko tylko 2 dni polecam.

2017-12-28 22:18:25 Piotr

Wszystko jak zawsze perfekt .Polecam

2017-12-25 07:03:10 RAYMUND

Very fast, convenient and reliable. Works well on unlocking my iphone 4 from Orange france.

2017-12-21 23:13:23 Bernard

I po simie , skutecznie i to przed deklarowanym czasem , dziękuję i pozdrawiam.

2017-12-21 13:02:14 Loriamni

Pense que no iba a funcionar porque vivo en República Dominicana y algunos servicios no funcionan aquí, pero funciono mi celular fue desbloqueado. Gracias por todo.

2017-12-16 00:49:24 Dariusz

Jesteście solidną Firmą. Telefon działa. Dzięki.

2017-12-15 11:18:18 Weronika

Wszytko szybko i sprawnie Zdjęcie simlocka zajęło mniej niż 24h. Po otrzymaniu maila z informacja o zdjęciu wystarczyło włożyć do telefonu kartę sim i już normalnie działała. Polecam

2017-12-06 10:29:48 PIOTR

Szybko i sprawnie Polecam

2017-12-04 22:02:31 Dariusz

Trwalo to kilka dni zanim otrzymalem powiadomienie o zdjeciu simlocka z Iphone'a, ale mozna to zrozumiec, ze warto cierpliwie czekac. Telefon zostal odblokowant bez problemu.

2017-12-01 10:43:53 Twesigye

Very Commendable and Trustworthy service from you guys. Got my Gadget unlocked in a short time.

2017-11-30 11:34:26 srikanth

really its amazing in an hour my phone got unlocked but to my badluck the icloud pswd was forgetten by me so leads to dissatisfaction but the provider is genuine and the amount charged too was quite low so ts good and awesome loved it by sadness thanks, srikanth.

2017-11-29 11:58:00 Gosia

Wszystko dział

2017-11-23 22:50:40 Pasieka

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2017-11-20 11:48:43 Juan Jose

I think the the job you are doing is good, very good.

2017-11-20 08:45:04 krzysztof

usługa sprawnie, szybko przeprowadzona, super podejście, polecam.

2017-11-20 08:44:43 krzysztof

usługa sprawnie, szybko przeprowadzona, super podejście, polecam.

2017-11-13 10:43:25 Marcin

Bardzo zadowolony

2017-11-12 19:43:51 Erik

An excellent service would def use again

2017-11-10 10:39:59 Łukasz

Działa i to w kilka godzin odblokowali mój telefon, POLECAM.

2017-11-07 22:04:15 Waheed

Thank you so much veey good service I like it Asked me 3 to 8 days But my job done in same day Thank you so much

2017-11-07 17:01:03 Marcin

Naprawde polecam 1.5 dnia i po kłopocie...😀

2017-11-06 10:02:07 Mahesh

Yes, It is working in just 1 day. thank you

2017-11-05 14:00:33 richard

Great I completed my request at 6 pm and got the code at 1 am the following day. The cost is also the least among unlock service sites I canvassed. Commendable Thanks a lot.

2017-11-05 12:33:58 Tadeusz

Usługa rewelacyjna i bardzo szybka 2,5 godziny,jestem bardzo zadowolony👍

2017-10-31 16:48:13 Katarzyna

Wszystko szybko i sprawnie załatwione polecam

2017-10-27 18:21:18 Jarosław

Szybko, bezboleśnie i bezproblemowo. Polecam

2017-10-24 15:06:22 Adam

Bardzo fajna i szybka i łatwa aplikacja do sciagniecia simloka polecam dzaila

2017-10-23 20:32:58 Paweł

Usługa wykonana wg opisu. Wszystko gra tak jak powinno. Polecam w 100%.

2017-10-22 22:05:22 daniel

Awesome Totally worked. I was skeptical at first cause there wasn’t much of a guarantee, just give your money and hope it works, but I googled the site, saw great reviews and decided to give it a go. Totally worked - reviews were spot on And best of all, after I paid, like less than a few hours I was in business. Thanks again

2017-10-20 10:17:42 Beata

Usługa wykonana bardzo szybko, super kontakt z obsługą. Polecam w 100%.

2017-10-17 22:03:54 daniel


2017-10-17 15:19:04 chan

Prima,l immer wieder gern

2017-10-16 14:12:49 Artur

wszystko super - szybko sprawnie - rewelacja