Motorola Razr’s Australian release delayed due to (probably) coronavirus

Motorola Razr's Australian release delayed due to (probably) coronavirus

Motorola’s foldable smartphone was supposed to reach Australian shelves today; sadly, this is not the case. As stated by Danny Adamopoulos, General Manager of Sales, APAC for Mature Markets, Motorola:

”This situation in China is inevitably impacting the launch and highly anticipated availability of the Motorola Razr. By far most of our factories in China have reopened and are operational, albeit on a limited basis due to health quarantine restrictions, and public transportation and travel limitations. The remaining ones, located in the Hubei region, will open in line with the policies of the respective regional government where they are located”

In other words, ”we will not use the word coronavirus but it is totally coronaviruses’ fault, mates”. Razr’s new Australian release date is unknown, but according to Adamopoulos it will take place sometime in March.

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