On 11th of November the customer care service will be not available.

Important !!!

On November 11 the customer care service will be not available, because of Polish holiday.

We apologize for any problems that might appear.


All orders will be completed automaticly, but there won’t be any help offered through the phone.

On November 1st the e-mail service will be working.

Thank you for your time and understanding.

9 thoughts on “On 11th of November the customer care service will be not available.”

  1. Hello since two weeks , I don’t a single answer of yours about the unlocking of my iphone 7. You don’t even try to give me a response. Since I’ve already paid for the service, i find this pretty … Disappointing

  2. is this service on level its euorpean do they never heard of better business beru forked out 7 bucks still waiting like others that posted

  3. I have been charged for an unlock code almost two weeks ago being informed that it takes up to 48 hours. Since the 48 hours was up I have contacted them by email 4 times and attempted to call but just get some voicemail every time. I also sent a message through PayPal because that’s how I paid yet no answer to date. This is looking more and more like a scam and I’m about to call my credit card company and reverse the charges

  4. I have been charges for unlock code since 17th September . For black berry q10 but till now not got any code

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