Smartphone: 1, arrow: 0, or how a phone saved a man’s life from a crazy bowman

Smartphone: 1, arrow: 0, or how a phone saved a man's life from a crazy bowman

This story took place in, to nobody’s surprise, Australia. A man has pulled his car in front of his property when he saw another man standing near. For one reason or another, the man was armed with a bow and an arrow. Puzzled, the victim pulled out his phone and begun filming the mysterious archer (personally I would rather drive away and call the cops), when the archer fired. Arrow went straight for the victim’s face, and would most certainly wound the man if the phone would not stop it. The projectile went right through the device, pushing through the rear panel and the insides and only stopping after the tip of the arrow pierced through the front display. This saved the man’s life; the only injury he suffered was a minor laceration caused when the force of the impact pushed the phone into his face. The attacker was apprehended by the police soon after, and is currently awaiting trial.

Talk about mobile technology saving lives, am I right?

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