Xperia XZ2’s display goes to heck and Sony does not give a crap. Or so it seems

Xperia XZ2's display goes to heck and Sony does not give a crap. Or so it seems

More and more of Xperia XZ2 owners report issues with the phone’s display. The nature of the issue, as shown on the picture above, is that white dots and lines appear on the display seemingly at random. They distort the picture and are a nuisance to look at. Sony’s official statement is that electrostatic is the cause of the problem:

”Sony Mobile is committed to providing the highest standard of product quality and customer service for all of our products. Due to the characteristic of the display, you may see stripe patterns as a result of electrostatic in some models. This is not a functional defect and usually the stripe patterns fade away as the electrostatic disappears.”

In other words, Sony says that the problem is very small and should fix itself over time. This in turn leads to Sony employers turning the Xperia XZ2 owners back whenever an owner of a faulty device appears to request a repair or a new unit as part of the phone’s warranty. Most of the online community meets this situation with anger, calling Sony out on it not respecting its own terms of warranty. Personally though I would suggest patience. If Sony is right then the issue will fix itself soon; if not then there will be a proper reason to be angry.

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