Tesla car went in flames in the middle of the road, because

Tesla car went in flames in the middle of the road, because

Imagine, dear reader, that you are Michael Morris, american film director. You are driving your Tesla through the streets of Los Angeles, standing in traffic. Suddenly, someone comes up to you and says ”Hi, could you drive to the sideways? Your car is burning”. Expending your monthly supply of cool you do so and then get out to watch your vehicle slowly burning to a crisp.

Oh, and your wife catches it all on a camera.

Thankfully nobody got hurt and the fire was quickly put out by the firefighters. As Morris and McCormack, his wife, have stated, they were not using the autopilot when driving. Police so far believes that the cause of the fire was Tesla’s battery.

More and more accidents are occuring with Tesla cars proven or suspected to be the culprits. One Tesla managed to kill its driver this March; last July the guy has been flipped off the road by the car’s autopilot. Before that another man’s car has driven into a building. Th above may though be the first time when the Tesla vehicle went in flames on its own.

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