Over half of Apple devices is now working on iOS 11

Over half of Apple devices is now working on iOS 11

Apple’s statistics show that 59% of its devices now operate under the newest version of the iOS. Much less, 33%, still work on iOS 10; 8% – the ones whose owners are living under really large and mossy boulders – is operated by iOS 9 or older.

In Android devices, OS used is pretty optional. There are still lots of people who are using Android 6.0 or even older. When it comes to iOS, though, updating your system is much less of a personal choice and more of a ”Do or GTFO” type of thing. More people would upgrade to iOS 11 already were it not for the plethora of glitches that plague this OS. iOS 11 had issues with crackling sounds coming out of its loudspeakers, battery power disappearing in an alarming rate, devices restarting out of blue and more. Updates, like the most recent iOS 11.2 patch, have fixed most of these issues, but who knows if new ones will not suddenly surface? It is hard to blame those Apple users who are sticking to their iOS 10.

Lets hope that iOS 11.2 will be the last large upgrade neccessary and that Apple owners will be free to update to it without fear of feeling like beta testers.

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