Nude, app that tries to hide nude pics on your phone and fails to

Nude, app that tries to hide nude pics on your phone and fails to

Who was it made by? Japanese, naturally. What does it do? Long story short, it uses a special algorythm to find any nude photographs you may have saved on your phone and then quickly delete them from both your device’s memory and iCloud. Better safe than sorry! Reportedly, the app is not working very well. Article on Gizmodo described how the author installed the app and set it on a wild goose chase. His phone had no nudes, but the app decided to delete a large number of his pictures anyway. Among the pictures deleted could be found:

– woman in a dress sitting on a chair,
– guy lying on his belly on a beach,
– bearded guy,
– pokemon with disturbingly shapely butt,
– woman covering her breasts with her arms,
– tweet from Michelle Obama,
– two people at the pool (admittedly, one of them may have a boner under his swimming shorts),
– doughnut.

Suffice it to say, Nude’s algorithms are not perfected yet. Jessica Chiu and Y.C. Chen, creators of the app, admit that their product still needs more work, and that they prefer to play it safe, thus broadening Nude’s censorship perhaps a bit more than neccessary. Again, better safe than sorry I guess.

As of now, software constraints mean that the app works only on iOS 11.

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