iPhone 7 Plus 1, bullet 0, or how Seven Plus saved life

iPhone 7 Plus 1, bullet 0, or how Seven Plus saved life

It seems like we have an iPhone Day today in IMEI24. I have already managed to berate low sales of iPhone 8 and inform you about how one unit of that model just went up in flames in China. Now I have to take a sharp turn and praise a bit older model iPhone 7 Plus, for doing something right. Maybe it’s karma.

I doubt I have to remind you about the latest Las Vegas massacre. Stephen Paddock, 64, have decided to gather large amount of weapons and then unleashed it on people attending a concert, killing 59 people and wounding almost six hundred more. Killer might have had sixty counts on murder on his conscious if not for one of the concert attendees (she refused to give her name) having her trusty iPhone 7 Plus on her during the shooting. The woman was shot, but the bullet hit the phone and glanced from it, leaving the woman safe and sound. Naturally, phone did not survive this ordeal, but I am sure it was a price that its owner was happy to pay for her life.

There were few cases of iPhones saving people in the past, but I do not want to go all sweet and sugary on Apple so I will leave them out. If you know any good stories about phones saving people’s lives though, whether iPhones or otherwise, be my guest, share them with us.

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