iPhone X and everything we know about it. Which is almost everything

iPhone X and everything we know about it. Which is almost everything

Finally, Apple’s anniversary iPhone X has been revealed. iPhones 8 and 8 Plus are all well and good, but this model is where Apple really shines. Whether or not X is worth its extremely high price is up to you, but it is certainly the blingest of the bling phones to hit the market.

Lets start with release date. iPhone X is said to come out a bit later than expected. Pre-orders will be taken starting October 27th, and first units of the phone will hit store shelves a week later, on November 3rd. Pretty late, compared to the September 22nd, when iPhones 8 and 8 Plus come. The reason for delays is Apple’s small supply of OLED panels. That small supply also means that at least the initial amount of iPhone X’s available will be very limited. If you want to buy one, you better get ready to pre-order A.S.A.P.

Oh, and if you live in either Bahrain, Kuwait, UAE, Saudi Arabia or Qatar, iPhone X will be available for you on November 4th, a day later. Sorry!

Now the price. As I said before, iPhone X is the most expensive of Apple’s smartphones to date. It comes out in two versions; 6GB and 256GB. The former costs 999 pounds, 999 dollars or 1579 australian dollars. Wow. The latter is much more of a wow, though, with price of 1149 pounds and dollars and 1829 australian dollars. Arabian clients will have to pay AED/SAR 4099 and AED/SAR 4099 respectively.

How about we cover the phone’s design and specification next. There is much to talk about here, so I will allow myself to minimize all the info and put it into neat and compact points:

– dimensions: 143.6mm height, 70.9mm width,
– weight: 174 grams,
– 5.8′ Edge to Edge display, AMOLED, Quad HD+ resolution, Super Retina (all-screen) Display, 3D Touch,
– no physical Home button and no fingerprint scanner. You can get to home screen by flicking an app you are in from the bottom to the top, as if pushing it up. New multitask menu can be opened by doing the same thing but holding the app on the bottom side of the display for a second or two. Interesting. Fingerprint scanner replated with Face ID, and Apple claims it cannot be cheated with photos. Of course they do,
– support for wireless charging, although Apple’s new wireless charger will not come out until 2018,
– dual 12mpx cameras, Portrait Mode enhanced with Portrait Lighting, optical image stabilization, f/1.8 aperture. 7mpx selfie shooter with Portrait Mode, depth of field, infrared, proximity sensor and bazillion other gadgets,
– animoji, which are basically animated emoji that can mirror the phone owner’s expressions. Sounds useless, but I am certain people will make out something cool with it,
– new A11 Bionic chipset, 8-core, unknown number of RAM (possibly 3GB),
– supposedly long-standing battery, first iPhone with quick charge; recharges 50% of power in half an hour,
– (reportedly) greatly enhanced AR capabilities.

That is all we know for now. I am sure that nearer or further leaks will fill the blank spots, like the exact nature of Apple’s AR environment or the amount of RAM the phone has. Until then, toodles!

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