Samsung Galaxy Note 8’s shipments have begun in the US

Samsung Galaxy Note 8's shipments have begun in the US

Galaxy Note 8’s official release date is September 15th, but according to Verizon, first Note 8’s should hit the stocks and depots on September 5th, tomorrow. These very first units are the ones that will be sent to those who pre-ordered Galaxy Note 8, and will (or at least are supposed to) reach their hands right after the device’s release on the 15th. Fedex shipping company will be the one completing Galaxy Note 8 deliveries, so blame them if something goes awry.

According to rumours here and there, Verizon and Sprint customers may receive their ”Eights” before the official release day. If true, then this is probably a move by Samsung to beat Apple and its 12th September release of iPhone 8.

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