Motorola Moto Z’s bold new ad, or “Nothing has changed since 2007 until our Moto Z”

Motorola Moto Z's bold new ad, or

“Hello, Moto!” Do you feel like you’re back in 2007, when owner-free Motorola was advertising itself on the TV? Well, you will now, with Motorola’s new and somewhat gutsy advertisement of its Moto Z model. You know, the one with Moto Mods.

So, Motorola discredits nine years of smartphone development, including its own. Personally I like to think of it as a so-blatant-it-is-innocent make-believing, but if someone choses to be insulted, so be it. Advert IS at least somewhat catchy, though, plus, it presents an actually solid feature – Moto Mods are, arguably, awesome. is a system that offers unlocking sim locks of any phone model. We guarantee the lowest prices and shortest waiting time. If you are interested, please, see our offer at

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