LG G6 is in development; will NOT be a modular phone

LG G6 is in development; will NOT be a modular phone

Chosun.com is a Chinese news source that the info comes from – nice to know there is a new LG in development! It is suggested that the phone will launch on February or March 2017. Too bad, though, that it will not have curved OLED panels; these were planned, according to the source, but LG Display decided it will not be able to supply enough of these to cover the whole production. As for the modular functionality, LG drops it because of the poor sales of the modular LG5 (“high cost and a lack of necessity for modules”). The company, it seems, does not want to repeat its earlier gamble.

I have no opinion myself, but would you rather see LG G6 sporting a modular feature, or are you alright with the phone lacking it? Let me know.

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