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For unlock iPhone 6S Plus following options are available. If you don't know which option use for unlock your phone, please contact us. We will help you choose the right product for your phone.

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  • Great service

    Augustine - 2019-03-06 16:52:56

  • Didn't even take 5 mins and I got a reply with the information I needed.

    Emmanuel - 2019-01-18 06:54:05

  • That was very fast liked that

    Danny - 2019-01-14 11:49:21

  • Well, your service was good and the charge was reasonable. Only need to improve communication as I needed to check my phone everyday to see if the requested work had been done or not. Thanks.

    Kam Wing - 2019-01-12 16:02:42

  • Very good job. Thanks

    Ada - 2019-01-09 18:25:38

How to unlock iPhone 6S Plus ?

Network unlock for an iPhone 6S Plus doesn't use a code or unlocking sequence. The device is remotely unlocked on Apple servers.
There are two types of instructions for iPhone 6S Plus.

First option
1. Insert a simcard from a different network than the one working in your device.
* the unaccepted simcard cannot ask for a pin code at the start. Please use a simcard that doesn't ask for a pin, or turn the request for a pin code off.
2. Start the device and turn on Wi-Fi
3. Small update should be downloaded.
iPhone 6S Plus is ready to work in any network.

Second option (if the Wi-Fi option doesn't work)
1. Connect iPhone 6S Plus to the PC by cable with an unaccepted simcard insterted (simcard from a different network than the one where you bought the device)
2. Start iTunes application on your PC
3. Small update will be downloaded.
iPhone 6S Plus is now network free.

The easiest way to check if iPhone 6S Plus is permanently unlocked is by inserting a different simcard (from different networks).
If iPhone 6S Plus comes from AT&T network and you insert Sprint carrier sim card and a message "iPhone has a simcard from a different network" or "incorrect simcard inserted" appears on LCD it means that the device is network blocked.
However if the device has a signal and you can make calls or send text messages iPhone 6S Plus is unlocked.

If you don't have a simcard from a different network or you don't know the original network, you can use this service which helps you check your iPhone carrier and country check for iPhone 6S Plus.
iPhone 6S Plus can be permanently unlocked by adding the IMEI number to its producer's database.
In order to unlock iPhone 6S Plus to work in any network, you must choose the network in which the device works.
Networks that can be unlocked for iPhone 6S Plus include:
Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon, AT&T, EE etc.
Use this link to check the current list of supported networks Supported iPhone 6S Plus networks.
Find my iPhone (FMI) is a function that stops other people from using your iPhone 6S Plus when it gets lost or stolen.
In order to remove the FMI blockade you need to enter an e-mail adress and password used by the owner of this device.

You can also check the FMI status on your iPhone 6S Plus for free by using this link
Free FMI check for iPhone 6S Plus. In order to check thet status on your iPhone 6S Plus you need to enter your IMEI number.
Blacklist is a special type of database which includes all iPhone 6S Plus which has been reported as lost, stolen or bills have not been paid.
In order to check the BLACKLIST status for iPhone 6S Plus for free, you can use the following link.
iPhone 6S Plus free BLACKLIST check. To check the status of BLACKLIST you need to provide the IMEI number of your iPhone 6S Plus.


2019-03-06 16:52:56 Augustine

Great service

2019-03-03 19:36:09 Wioletta

Super Iphon6s plus z USA simlock zdjęty

2019-02-27 21:16:47 Gustavo

Súper rápido, gracias. Excelente servicio 👍🏻👍🏻

2019-01-18 06:54:05 Emmanuel

Didn't even take 5 mins and I got a reply with the information I needed.

2019-01-14 18:42:12 David

Muy buen servicio, excelente tiempo de respuesta. Mi servicio funcionando sin contratiempos.

2019-01-14 12:36:44 Axel

Toller Service, sehr schnell erledigt

2019-01-14 11:49:21 Danny

That was very fast liked that

2019-01-12 16:02:42 Kam Wing

Well, your service was good and the charge was reasonable. Only need to improve communication as I needed to check my phone everyday to see if the requested work had been done or not. Thanks.

2019-01-09 18:25:38 Ada

Very good job. Thanks

2018-12-24 08:47:18 Anna

Szybko, sprawnie, profesjonalnie. Polecam

2018-12-23 00:33:45 Wojciech

Kod działa, zamówiłem wieczorem a rano już był kod. Jakim cudem nie wiem, ale ważne że działa :)

2018-12-18 08:42:44 Chandrasekhar

Thanking you very much..you had done within one day...great job

2018-12-18 07:30:51 Chandrasekhar

Thanking you very much..i did not expected....U had done it very fast..

2018-12-17 10:38:33 Alexis

Excelente, el desbloqueo se realizó muy rápido y ya pude activar mi iphone 6s plus con mi nueva compañía sin ningún problema gracias a liberar-tu-movil.es

2018-12-11 11:35:15 Murthy

Unloked very nice way

2018-11-27 15:52:25 Krzysztof

To już mój drugi iPhone odblokowany przez nich . Bez problemów. Serdecznie wszystkim polecam .

2018-11-26 14:40:00 Juan

Great service, only took a few days and boom Received an email saying my phone was unlocked, now I can use any carrier. Very satisfied with this service.

2018-11-26 09:20:52 Beniamin

Wszystko ok, telefon odblokowany tylko za długo się czekało.

2018-11-18 08:40:50 Arash

It took three days including the weekend to unlock my Iphone S6 plus. I am satisfied with the service and will look forward to using it again.

2018-10-29 11:03:51 Adrianna

bardzo szybko i sprawnie wykonana usługa, wszystko działa:)

2018-10-26 13:34:30 Douglas

This was fast and easy

2018-10-22 05:20:04 Juan

Thanks again team, great job, thanks

2018-10-02 17:44:30 Andy

The process worked just as advertised. Telephone is now unlocked and fully operational.

2018-10-01 04:32:01 Alexander

It was great only took 24 hours

2018-09-30 13:43:40 Freddy

I am very happy with the service. I put in the order on Thursday and on Friday afternoon my phone was unlocked. It was worth the wait. Thank you.

2018-09-20 23:45:35 Dreny

Excelente Respuesta a las tres horas de solicitar.

2018-09-20 12:40:39 GUERRERO

Gracias en menos de 12 horas ya estaba listo.

2018-09-19 18:13:57 Clare

Perfect. Quick service and worked

2018-09-17 09:18:45 Johan

This one a excellent service

2018-09-15 23:20:57 Mariel

Muy rápido

2018-09-11 09:35:23 Barto

Kolejny raz korzystam z tej usługi. Szybko i w dobrej cenie. Polecam

2018-09-05 12:56:05 Piotr

Super polecam

2018-08-30 08:14:43 Przemysław

Polecam w 100% simlock zdjęty w iphone 6s plus w 4 dni rewelacja

2018-08-28 18:59:07 Daniel

Perfect service My iphone was unlocked in three days without any problems. I can only recommend.

2018-08-25 02:22:49 Chingching

Good price, reliable. Recommend

2018-08-21 08:25:57 Artur

Polecam-szybka akcja nawet w weekend.Simlock sciągnięty prawidłowo

2018-08-19 16:57:22 Frank

Erst Bedenken, hat dann erstklassig funktioniert. IPhone 6s plus entsperrt nach ca. 7 Tagen vorangekündigter Wartezeit. Entsperrcode war bei dem Gerät nicht notwendig. Einfach deutsche SIM-Karte mit deaktiviertem Karten-PIN ins T-Mobile USA iPhone und fertig. Wer mag, kann den PIN dann wieder einschalten.

2018-08-09 18:09:00 Milena

Bardzo rzetelni i sprawni, dzięki tej stronie odblokowałam iPhone, będąc za granica. Polecam

2018-08-08 16:22:06 Kennedy

Oh yeah finally I get my monies worth quick and fast my phone is unlock in 3 hours

2018-08-08 13:36:21 Jan

Unlock was perfect and quick, about 2-3 hours. Last time I paid almost $30 to a local shop and it took 3 days Never again Thanks.

2018-08-08 09:58:35 Rafał

Usługa wykonana perfekcyjnie, szybko i bezproblemowo. Polecam

2018-08-07 04:50:03 Bartosz

3 dni czekałem polecam

2018-07-29 20:38:12 Lubia Mayte

Servicio rápido y eficaz, sin problemas para desbloquear hasta para una neófita de la informática como yo. Un diez

2018-07-25 12:37:58 Miroslaw

Bardzo dobry i szybki serwis. Polecam.Telefon został odblokowany i działa. Very good service fast and works. Good luck in your business.

2018-07-17 05:23:46 Cesar

Fast and furious jajaja

2018-07-03 10:10:32 Katarzyna

Odblokowanie z sieci vodafone uk, iPhone 6s Plus trwalo 10 dni roboczych

2018-07-03 10:09:24 Katarzyna

Wszystko ok, iPhone 6s Plus , realizacja w ciagu 10 dni roboczych czyli zmiescili sie w “ widelkach” :)

2018-07-02 22:34:39 Jerzy

Szybko i dobrze. Wszystko ok.

2018-06-29 01:46:26 alfredo

muy buen servicio..,.,recomendado al 100

2018-06-26 22:11:00 Robert

Szybko i rzetelne.