How long am I going to wait ?

The delivery time for an unlock code for ZTE mobile phones starts from 6 to 24 hours.

The calculated average waiting time is 55 minutes. (based on the last 50 orders)

ZTE Grand X Max 2


What our customers say about unlocking

  • Worked perfectly, took a little longer than average time frame given but still under 24 hours. Thanks guys

    james - 2019-02-21 20:25:48

  • Great service, would use again.

    William - 2018-09-18 08:44:28

  • Thank you guys the code work perfect.. I a very satisfied with your company and will recommend you to all my friends..

    Marcus - 2018-07-30 19:34:57

  • It works so well Thanx for ur help guys 😉👍

    Ahmed - 2018-03-29 13:17:42

  • Un servicio excelente y el mejor precio

    Patsy - 2018-03-26 15:46:19

Unlocking instruction for ZTE Grand X Max 2 ?

Smartphone instruction
ZTE Grand X Max 2 is unlocked in 3 steps:

1. Start the ZTE Grand X Max 2 with an unaccepted simcard (unaccepted means from a different network than the one working in you ZTE)
2. Message to enter an unlock code should appear
3. Input the unlock code provided by
ZTE Grand X Max 2 is now unlocked.

Modem instruction

1. Insert an unaccepted simcard in your ZTE Grand X Max 2 (unaccepted means from a different network than the original one)
2. Connect the modem to the PC by USB
3. Install all new drivers for your device (please skip this step if the drivers are already installed)
4. Message to enter a network unlock code should appear
* the unlock message doesn't appear
Enter the following sequence in your webbrowser or
- for login and password enter "admin"
- check in which option a request for a network code appears,
5. Enter network unlock code provided by
Device is now capable of working in any network


2019-03-18 19:53:51 daniel

Excelente y gracias

2019-02-21 20:25:48 james

Worked perfectly, took a little longer than average time frame given but still under 24 hours. Thanks guys

2018-10-30 02:56:14 jose pedro

excelente muy excesivo, satisfecho con el servicio

2018-09-18 08:44:28 William

Great service, would use again.

2018-08-28 16:08:20 jose Gustavo

Muy buen servicio recomendado

2018-07-30 19:34:57 Marcus

Thank you guys the code work perfect.. I a very satisfied with your company and will recommend you to all my friends..

2018-03-29 13:17:42 Ahmed

It works so well Thanx for ur help guys 😉👍

2018-03-26 15:46:19 Patsy

Un servicio excelente y el mejor precio

2018-03-23 03:37:31 jose

Muchas Gracias se liberó me celular con éxito

2018-01-11 02:31:58 James

I received the phone exactly when I was told I would receive it. I turned it on and it is ready to use. I emailed support to ask a question and received a reply within 20 minutes. I am impressed with Cellhire's service and support. If this is indicative of the service in the future, I highly recommend Cellhire.

2017-12-29 10:15:48 Catherine

Buenísimo servicio y súper rápido muchas gracias

2017-12-26 08:23:37 Jason

Very fast service.. 2 phones back to back in under an hour..... Would recommend....

2017-12-25 03:30:16 Justin

Very fast service and I got my phone to work thank you

2017-12-24 02:22:58 Damian Alejandro

Muy buen servicio, 100% recomendable:D

2017-12-17 12:03:21 Diego

Muy buen servicio la mejor página k hay en poco tiempo llega el código y al mejor precio

2017-11-19 10:45:54 sulaimon

Very wonderful service.............easy,fast and trusted......thank you

2017-11-19 07:17:33 Justin

Easy and at low prices. Thank you so much

2017-11-10 13:39:03 Cesar

Muy buen servicio rápido y eficiente. Gracias.

2017-11-07 15:55:14 jose daniel

exelente servidor

2017-11-06 17:35:00 JOSE ANTONIO

excelente servicio, gracias

2017-11-03 17:23:15 Ramie

I was skeptical but it worked, thank you so much

2017-10-24 14:21:19 Trista

Unlocked right away, thanks

2017-10-10 16:16:43 Paul

Great service, just took a couple of hours to unlock the device and at a great price.

2017-10-03 09:56:36 Ivan

I am a first time user or this program and its 100% legit safe and fast. Not only that the price range is so cheap.

2017-08-11 13:35:38 Matias

Exelente servicio

2017-07-31 19:14:59 Miguel

Great service only took about 30 minutes to get my code

2017-07-11 15:24:22 fausto

Coml siempre el código es 100% funcional y en tiempo récord muchas gracias

2017-07-07 14:52:44 MAESS

El servicio ha sido muy bueno...tienen 5 estrellas

2017-06-28 18:50:37 juan antonio


2017-06-11 22:25:23 lurano

Thank you very much good job

2017-06-11 16:33:31 lurano

Thank you very much good job

2017-06-08 20:12:24 ramadan

The best

2017-05-26 04:03:26 jose

Muchas gracias excelente servicio

2017-05-13 18:30:20 Renio

Easy Cheap and with paypal i feel secure, 100% recomended

2017-05-05 15:02:27 fausto

Excelente me llego el código en 30 min y funcionó muy bien gracias

2017-05-01 19:44:12 jeffrey

Worked great.

2017-04-17 14:12:22 Sarah

Literally shocked it actually worked n how easy it was. And CHEAP id def use and recommend again fasho. So happy I stumbled upon this site Thank youuuu

2017-04-04 12:03:49 Moises guadalupe

Es muy bueno el servicio si funciona y es muy facil

2017-04-02 22:57:32 Murad

That's cool I got my ZTE unlock code in 20 minutes. It was fast and good price.

2017-03-30 04:45:11 Jainiss

Loved service will be doing business with you guys again

2017-03-21 02:55:27 jose

excelente funciono zte grand x max 2 en apenas 30 minutos

2017-03-12 04:03:34 Denise

Excellent service. Very reasonable price to unlock my ZTE phone. Received prompt response after purchase which contained a link to check on the progress of my code. It was estimated to take approximately 55 minutes but I received my code in 35 minutes. The instructions were extremely easy. Thank you and I know who to refer others to. Satisfied customer.

2017-01-30 05:13:08 Juan

Thanks again team, the cell phone now work in any carrier, thanks again

2017-01-12 15:29:16 julio gerardo

Buen servicio y económico en menos de 30 minutos me llego mi codigo para el zte Z988

2016-12-28 02:03:26 MARTINA


2016-12-02 17:25:29 Juan

Again i can say , the service is great and fast, thanks team

2016-11-21 12:38:37 Steve

Great service, extremely quick, definitely recommend this to anyone out there.

2016-09-07 23:42:51 Noelin

Si fue bien pero debo esperar ponerle una tarjeta de otro carrier a ver si el trabajo fue perfecto

2016-08-29 04:06:04 MVP

C était rapide Compliments

2016-08-17 15:51:13 Ash

Received within an hour and worked without any issue