Unlocking Sony Xperia X

For unlock Sony Xperia X following options are available. If you don't know which option use for unlock your phone, please contact us. We will help you choose the right product for your phone.

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  • In 3 working days I got the unlock code and it's works fine. Thanks

    PM - 2017-07-20 14:10:11

  • Initially I was skeptical about this, but man, are they good Excellent, have Nothing to say, 5 Stars

    André - 2017-03-17 20:05:34

  • Excellent service as usual

    Paul - 2017-03-02 17:02:12

  • good service ,the code worked right away , it took a day and half to get the code thank you guys

    Qossay - 2017-02-07 16:42:28

  • Code arrived on time and worked straight away

    Levente - 2017-01-18 15:20:41

Unlocking instruction for Sony Xperia X ?

How to enter a network unlock code in a Sony Xperia X:

1. Turn on the phone with an unaccepted simcard inserted (simcard from a different network)
2. Phone should ask for network unlock code
3. Type NCK code in order to unlock the main network like T-Mobile, Orange etc.
Type SPCK code if the phone is locked in a subnetwork like Tesco.

How to check SONY Xperia X code counter:

1. Turn on the phone whithout sim card
2. Type *#*#7378423#*#*
3. Select Service info
4. Select SimLock
5. Check where is X
6. If X is on NETWORK, SUBSET or PROVIDER and value is more than 0, you can unlock your phone.
7. If it is 0 unlock by code is NOT possible. The counter is blocked.

If the code counter shows all 0 it cannot be unlocked, because there are no tries left to unlock it.

Sony Xperia X counter

Second way to check counter

1. Turn on the phone whithout sim card
2. Lock screen
3. Press sequence: Menu, Back, Back, Menu, Back, Menu, Menu, Back
4. Select Service info
5. Select SimLock
6. Check where is X
7. If X is on NETWORK and value is different than zero, you can unlock your phone.
8. If it is zero unlock by code is NOT available. The counter is blocked.

Network unlock code or Sim pin network code is a special type of code which removes the network blockade from your Sony Xperia X.
These messages will appear on the screen of your Sony Xperia X when you insert an unaccepted simcard.
Sony Xperia X has a limited amount of unlocking attempts. Usually all Sony Xperia X have 5 tries. If your Sony Xperia X has a blocked code counter, there are no tries left, you cannot unlock this device by code.
Important !!! Sony Xperia X with a blocked code counter will still ask for a network unlock code.
Even if you enter the correct code it won't work with a blocked code counter.

The code counter can be reset only by an official Sony service.
Sony Xperia X needs different types of unlock codes to remove the network blockade.
One of these codes is a NSCK code which is used in most Japanese networks like Docomo, Softbank etc.
Those networks cannot be unlocked with the standard NCK code.
Sony Xperia X usually asks for this code as soon as you insert an unaccepted simcard ( from a different network ).


2017-10-18 15:50:48 Branko

Fast service with precise information at affordable price. Got the unlock code that worked. Recommended

2017-10-17 13:11:11 Ákos

Perfect , i love sim unlock.net , I will use this service again , many thanks from hungary , they did a great job thank you

2017-10-17 10:07:43 Lukasz

Wszystko super :) simlock z brytyjskiej sieci :) troszkę czekania ale działa wszystko super :) dzięki

2017-10-17 10:07:21 Lukasz

Wszystko super :) simlock z brytyjskiej sieci :) troszkę czekania ale działa wszystko super :) dzięki

2017-10-13 14:11:12 TOSHIYUKI

It's nice service. SIM UNLOCK,OK. Thank you

2017-10-12 17:28:32 andy

Service true to claims, unlock code valid and worked just fine. Did have to wait just over the stated time for a few hours untill status updated with unlock code. Overall, very happy with the service, just a shame it's not abit faster, 5 days is a little long just for an unlock code.. Would use this service again and rate 10/10. Thanks guys...

2017-10-12 16:56:36 Bojan

Alles ok Code passt

2017-10-12 15:58:51 Bojan

Alles ok nach 4 tage

2017-10-11 10:35:51 Karolina

Super usluga tylko dlugi okres oczekiwania.

2017-10-05 03:10:39 TOSHIYUKI

SIM UNLOCK,OK Thank you?

2017-10-04 15:22:56 bogdan

I am very satisfied with the price and speed of unlock of xperia xa

2017-10-04 11:49:26 soichi

its easy to unlock my xperia this site is very simple but very helpful at the same time thank you

2017-10-04 10:29:40 Kermit

Wszystko w porzadku. Usluga wykonana o czasie a kod dzialal bez problemu.

2017-09-26 02:17:10 saito

unlocked successfully, thank you.

2017-09-22 18:11:51 Nyasha

The code came sooner than expected and worked the first time round. I saved myself £10 and a lot of headache. Will definitely recommend and use them again next time

2017-09-22 11:50:42 Masa

Thank you for quick response

2017-09-22 00:37:28 Alejandra

Excelente servicio, muy rápido.

2017-09-21 07:04:42 Tomo

I could unlook XPERIA xz (601so) Thank you

2017-09-20 18:05:20 James

Quick and good price. Done in 2 working days conpared to the 7 I had to cancel with the phone shop.

2017-09-20 13:09:03 Anonymous

Worked like charm for EE Xperia XZ Premium. Good price and waiting time. Thanks.

2017-09-13 11:24:19 Martin

Perfekt. Jederzeit wieder

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todo muy bien se demoro lo que decian y funciona muy bien todo ahora

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It was a very wonderful job, thank you.

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Fabulous service. Got my code in 3 days and worked a treat You succeeded where others failed Thank you

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Perfecto Al principio tenia algo de desconfianza pues mi movil era nuevo y me daba rollos "estropearlo". Pero todo ha sido muy sencillo...lo recomiendo

2017-09-04 12:53:09 Gerhard

prima Service, flott und zuverlaessig, ich kann da nur die kappe ziehen, weiter so

2017-09-04 12:16:11 Mo

The code provided worked perfect (unlocked Vodafone phone for EE Sim). I highly recommend these guys' service. Many thanks.

2017-09-03 23:09:57 erik alberto

Muchas gracias me funciono a la primera tengo un sony xa y ya quedo liberado

2017-09-02 17:57:38 Ikspe

a parfaitement fonctionné, pour un prix inférieur à la concurrence. Le délai est un peu long, mais correspond à ce qui est annoncé.

2017-09-02 17:05:24 Hidy

It took a little bit long time to get unlock code, however it worked well. Thanks a lot.

2017-09-02 15:42:37 NA

SOV34 unlock OK. Thank you.

2017-09-02 09:51:26 Tas2828

Unlocked 2 SOV34 Xperia XZ. Had issues with NSCK not working fir the first time, but it was resolved very fast via email. Second time went without issues. Good support, definetely recommend

2017-08-30 17:00:26 SHINICHIRO

Good service

2017-08-28 00:37:22 Emmanuel

excelente solo segui los pasos que dicen aqui, y todo muy muy bien, lo recomiendo ampliamente.

2017-08-26 02:12:39 TOSHIYUKI

Xperia XZ Premium(SO-04J:Japan model) SIM UNLOCK, OK Thank you?:-)

2017-08-25 16:27:15 EIJI

Excellent. I was moved. Thank you very much.

2017-08-24 10:46:22 Alma

It's working, I waited a week, longer than expected, but it's working.

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Rapid, efficient and smooth. Couldn't ask for better Totally recommend it

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2017-08-20 20:27:59 Valentin Ionut

Very good and very fast.

2017-08-15 23:05:44 BHARAT

absolute brilliant service,unlock code received within 2 days ,quicker than expected ,can't fault this service ,will use again ,thanks a lot

2017-08-14 19:10:05 HF

The code took a little longer than originally indicated to arrive (just over 5 days). But when it came, it worked first time with no fuss. I was a little hesitant at first, because these SIM unlock sites all look a bit dodgy But I'm happy that I took a punt, and I can now use my brand new EE contract phone with my 3 PAYG SIM when I go on holiday to the US next month

2017-08-13 13:01:53 Branislav

Waiting time 4 days

2017-08-08 08:27:20 Martin

hat sehr gut geklappt super

2017-08-06 16:59:05 Jesus

Exellente seficio rapido y eficiente

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2017-08-04 00:07:30 Jennifer

2nd to none service, no problems whatsoever so pleased with this site I would 💯 % recommend. I followed the instructions to see if my phone could be unlocked (it could) paid via PayPal with my card I was kept up to date with everything less than 3days I received my unlock 🔓 code & it worked a treat. (Be sure to check your junk emails) as this is where mine went, hence not unlocking my phone until a day later. Excellent service 10/10 Thank you Very happy 😊 customer.

2017-08-02 14:18:58 george

great sevice

2017-08-01 05:50:58 Ayujun

Great I could unlock my SOV34 successfully and it is working with UQ mobile SIM.