Unlocking Sony Xperia X

For unlock Sony Xperia X following options are available. If you don't know which option use for unlock your phone, please contact us. We will help you choose the right product for your phone.

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What our customers say about unlocking

  • Best service for unlocking.

    Zain Ahmad Khan - 2018-02-13 11:10:39

  • Das Xperia X ist inzwischen das 3 Sony Mobiltelefon, dass ich mit euren Codes entsperrt habe. Kurz nach der Eingabe kommt zwar jedes mal die Meldung, dass es sich um einen falschen Code handelt, aber kurz darauf funktioniert es dann ohne weiteres Zutun. Ich bin zufrieden

    Bernhard - 2017-12-14 10:47:59

  • In 3 working days I got the unlock code and it's works fine. Thanks

    PM - 2017-07-20 14:10:11

  • Initially I was skeptical about this, but man, are they good Excellent, have Nothing to say, 5 Stars

    André - 2017-03-17 20:05:34

  • Excellent service as usual

    Paul - 2017-03-02 17:02:12

Unlocking instruction for Sony Xperia X ?

How to enter a network unlock code in a Sony Xperia X:

1. Turn on the phone with an unaccepted simcard inserted (simcard from a different network)
2. Phone should ask for network unlock code
3. Type NCK code in order to unlock the main network like T-Mobile, Orange etc.
Type SPCK code if the phone is locked in a subnetwork like Tesco.

How to check SONY Xperia X code counter:

1. Turn on the phone whithout sim card
2. Type *#*#7378423#*#*
3. Select Service info
4. Select SimLock
5. Check where is X
6. If X is on NETWORK, SUBSET or PROVIDER and value is more than 0, you can unlock your phone.
7. If it is 0 unlock by code is NOT possible. The counter is blocked.

If the code counter shows all 0 it cannot be unlocked, because there are no tries left to unlock it.

Sony Xperia X counter

Second way to check counter

1. Turn on the phone whithout sim card
2. Lock screen
3. Press sequence: Menu, Back, Back, Menu, Back, Menu, Menu, Back
4. Select Service info
5. Select SimLock
6. Check where is X
7. If X is on NETWORK and value is different than zero, you can unlock your phone.
8. If it is zero unlock by code is NOT available. The counter is blocked.

Network unlock code or Sim pin network code is a special type of code which removes the network blockade from your Sony Xperia X.
These messages will appear on the screen of your Sony Xperia X when you insert an unaccepted simcard.
Sony Xperia X has a limited amount of unlocking attempts. Usually all Sony Xperia X have 5 tries. If your Sony Xperia X has a blocked code counter, there are no tries left, you cannot unlock this device by code.
Important !!! Sony Xperia X with a blocked code counter will still ask for a network unlock code.
Even if you enter the correct code it won't work with a blocked code counter.

The code counter can be reset only by an official Sony service.
Sony Xperia X needs different types of unlock codes to remove the network blockade.
One of these codes is a NSCK code which is used in most Japanese networks like Docomo, Softbank etc.
Those networks cannot be unlocked with the standard NCK code.
Sony Xperia X usually asks for this code as soon as you insert an unaccepted simcard ( from a different network ).


2018-03-17 11:24:55 abi

Great job.. thanks very much

2018-03-16 20:23:48 wojciech

Super tanio I wszystko dziala dzieki

2018-03-15 12:06:03 Derek

Tried cheaper sites who were unable to give a unlock code, this site gave an estimate of just over 4 days but were able to source code in just over 2 days. No Problem worked fine at a price that was lower than alot of comparison sites, would recommend.

2018-03-15 09:49:00 Almir

Super, unlocked phone. All recommendations.

2018-03-10 04:37:00 HaraHetta

Lovery unlocked for SOV35. SOV35 needs to change other FW before NSCK input.

2018-03-07 16:38:28 Adrian

All works fine, thanks

2018-03-07 10:23:19 Jonathan

Servicio muy rápido, el mismo día por la tarde ya estaba liberado el celular. 100% recomendable.

2018-03-01 12:04:33 Fiona

Excellent, very easy to use, affordable service. No problems with accessing my phone with unlock code, simple instructions provided. Many Thanks.

2018-02-28 10:07:40 Jaroo

Naprawdê sprawnie, cena o po³owe ni¿sza ni¿ w punkcie w Galerii Handlowej Dziêki polecê innym

2018-02-27 17:01:25 LORENA

Excelente, lo recomiendo

2018-02-26 20:11:34 Christian

Schnelle Erledigung, Freischaltung funktioniert einwandfrei. Gerne wieder

2018-02-23 12:52:01 master

i receive unlock code in 2 days. good job guys.. :)

2018-02-23 10:09:40 Vadim VanDam

Thank you so much It's fast and very easy way to unlock 🔓 you phone. I recommend to everyone I'm very happy with the service. Just now received my unlock 🔓 code and my phone 📱 is open now Eeeehhhaaaa :)

2018-02-23 10:06:46 Vadim VanDam

Thank you so much It's fast and very easy way to unlock 🔓 you phone. I recommend to everyone I'm very happy with the service. Just now received my unlock 🔓 code and my phone 📱 is open now Eeeehhhaaaa :)

2018-02-22 00:12:47 Bobby.lx

Fast and reliable. Thx

2018-02-20 18:59:20 Daniel

Us³uga zrealizowana szybko i rzetelnie. Zdecydowanie polecam

2018-02-19 15:24:48 Joan

Buen servicio

2018-02-18 23:31:25 Michal

Very fast code delivery. Code work without any issues, Thank you

2018-02-15 15:56:11 daniel


2018-02-15 08:29:10 Emil M

Everything works positively. 👍👍👍

2018-02-14 15:31:15 601SO

I succeeded in unlocking of SIMLOCK.

2018-02-14 15:18:49 Heath

Code was received sooner than expected and worked fine. Great service thank you very much

2018-02-14 13:25:05 Janos

Waited for 4 days , when i got the code i put it in the phone and it worked great thank you

2018-02-13 11:10:39 Zain Ahmad Khan

Best service for unlocking.

2018-02-09 20:30:19 Chun Kit

Thanks Now I can use my phone

2018-02-09 10:26:10 MAGDALENA

All is working Best service ever Many many thanx

2018-02-09 09:57:31 Oblibion

It takes 4days to receive the code in my case.Unlock was completed without any problems.Thank you

2018-02-08 15:36:46 DAVID

simplemente GENIAL funciono a la primera y solo espere 24 hrs 1000% recomendable

2018-02-07 23:53:05 Alan

Second time using this service. It is not expensive. I'm kept well informed. It works. Nuff said

2018-02-06 15:36:18 Paula

It would have been 6 stars if it had been faster :-) Good service. Recommended.

2018-02-06 11:03:34 Temitope

Great service and highly recommended

2018-02-06 10:08:46 Micha³


2018-02-05 18:32:56 jesus eduardo

Muy buen servicio le doy 5 estrellas👍

2018-02-02 08:36:34 Bojan

Alles ok

2018-01-31 16:27:38 Fábio

Realy good service. After 3 working days the code has arrived and worked perfectly Complete satisfaction.

2018-01-29 12:29:18 Melvin

Service is very reliable, my sony xperia x performance is now unlocked, i can use in to any network now. Good job guys, highly recommended.

2018-01-29 04:14:38 Bernhard

Nach 5 Tagen NCK und SPCK Code erhalten, nicht verwirren lassen man braucht nur NCK. Unschlagbarer Preis, funktioniert alles tadellos. Trotz Sim sperre Österreich (A1). Mega Happy Kann ich zu 100% weiterempfehlen

2018-01-25 11:18:41 Snowy

It takes 7days to receive the codes. One of them, NCK worked. Thank you

2018-01-23 08:10:53 uni

I unlocked my Xperia, thank you

2018-01-19 12:03:29 enok

good service and fast for unlocking my phone thanks

2018-01-18 18:31:51 Artak

polecam wszystkim bardzo dobra obsluga, szybko i skutecznie

2018-01-18 16:00:20 Mr X

SIM unlocked successfully

2018-01-16 23:44:04 Radoslaw

Wszystko w jak najbardziej nalezytym porzadku. Kod otrzymalem do Sony Xperia XZ1 w ciagu kilku dni. Kod zadzialal bez problemu. Polecam w 100%.

2018-01-16 12:23:56 Bojan

Funktioniert perfekt alles

2018-01-11 16:54:30 Luis

Excelente servicio, quedó liberado a la primera. Muy profesionales, siempre están al pendiente de sus clientes y hay buen seguimiento, los mejores en el medio

2018-01-11 00:15:03 Bojan

Alles passt

2018-01-10 02:32:50 ITSUKI

it works. awesome

2018-01-08 19:53:28 Samuel

Exelente servicio ...mui recomendado deberas mas de 5 estreyas

2018-01-03 14:31:40 Shinki

I am so satisfied by your work. Thank you very much.

2018-01-03 12:22:46 Emeterio

Excellent service After some 10 days, they sent me 4 codes to unlock a quite new phone and it worked perfectly Recommended service