Network unlock by code for LG phones

Network unlock by code for LG phonesThis service allows you to unlock LG phones by the manufacturer code. Supported are all LG models no matter which network. It is the safest way to unlock your mobile phone without any interference in the phone.

To get your unlock code we only need the IMEI number.


Make sure that you can enter an unlock code to your LG device, before you make an order !!!
Instruction for entering the code for your LG device can be found in the phone description that you wish to unlock.
If you need any help contact us.

Also before you make an order, check if the LG device is not showing a message "This device is permanently locked" if such message appears the device cannot be unlocked. It means that somebody has entered wrong codes in your device too many times, and it doesn't have an option to enter the unlock code.

Newest LG models coming from Metro PCS USA or T-Mobile USA that use a "Device Unlock app", cannot be unlocked by code (there is an unlock code available, but there is no way to enter it into the device). All LG models with "Device Unlock app" can be unlocked by using these services Device Unlock App.
2021-01-16 15:53:21 Gabriel

Unlocking LG E612 - Excelente servicio

2021-01-15 10:04:29 Gerald

Unlocking LG G3 - Excellent service Was a little skeptical at first ($9.99US, whereas everyone else was $45+), but the first code worked at unlocking my LG G3 locked to the Rogers Wireless network (Canada) And to think that the wireless provider wanted to charge me $50 plus incidentals. The only problem I had was with the second option, where neither of the sequences worked at opening the hidden menu, ended up having to restart my phone to get the network unlock pin entry window to come back.

2021-01-15 06:08:26 Kenroy

Unlocking LG MS769 - Great Phone is unlocked working fabulously. Instruction needs to be a bit more clearer. I did not know that the NCK and SPCK also apply to the second option.

2021-01-13 12:58:36 Piotr

Unlocking LG D722 - działa ¶wietnie

2021-01-12 13:29:10 Rav

Unlocking LG D620R - Szybko, sprawnie, prawidłowo, polecam

2021-01-11 15:05:27 katsu

Unlocking LG Nexus 5X - Thank you very much. I was able to unlock the sim safely.

2021-01-07 12:56:30 Dorothea

Unlocking LG GB102 - Hallo.hat alles perfekt geklappt...danke mfg Dorothea

2020-12-29 14:13:20 Javier

Unlocking LG E460 - Rapido y facil :)

2020-12-26 00:31:33 Manuel

Unlocking LG T505 - Rápido y a buen precio.

2020-12-14 08:53:43 Yoshihiro

Unlocking LG Nexus 5X - Thank you for the quick response. With the number you contacted, I was able to immediately unlock the SIM-Lock of my new machine.

2020-12-09 11:33:09 MK S.

Unlocking LG G Pad 7.0 LTE - Legit and quick Unlocked a US provider specific tablet to be able to use my European SIM card. Thanks

2020-12-01 22:32:17 ramon

Unlocking LG GS170 - En esta oportunidad fue muy bueno

2020-11-27 10:53:20 Artur

Unlocking LG G3 S - Witam kod otrzymałem 10 minut po zaksięgowaniu się wpłaty. 2 minuty na zapoznanie się z instrukcj± postępowania i 1 minuta na przeładowanie się systemu w telefonie po wprowadzeniu kodów i GOTOWE. Telefon działa na innych kartach. Polecam

2020-11-27 08:29:19 Paweł

Unlocking LG G3 - Polecam na kod czekałem 1:30h. Wszystko się udało za pierwszym razem

2020-11-23 16:20:59 PK

Unlocking LG V10 - These guys are 100% legit and I will use them again for sure. I had my codes in about an hour :)

2020-11-23 00:19:55 Raul

Unlocking LG X Screen - Excelente servicio, 100% recomendó... Ya a desbloqueado otros equipos sin problema alguno.

2020-11-13 19:53:11 Andrè

Unlocking LG G4 - Ging sehr schnell und es hat super geklappt. Danke noch mal.

2020-11-12 12:29:19 sivio

Unlocking LG G Pad 7.0 LTE - Great service on this transaction

2020-11-12 02:02:14 sivio

Unlocking LG G Pad 7.0 LTE - Great service

2020-11-04 08:44:43 ROBERTO

Unlocking LG GS101 - perfecto les pague un codigo , fue meterlo al movil y liberar el movil asique muy contento

2020-11-03 08:37:42 wiktor

Unlocking LG Spirit - Wszystko bardzo szybko i sprawnie Polecam

2020-11-02 08:14:14 Anna

Unlocking LG E460 - wszystko przebiegło pomy¶lnie

2020-10-29 20:06:59 Raja sekhar

Unlocking LG G3 - Worked

2020-10-26 16:09:20 Grzegorz

Unlocking LG Leon - Kod zadziałał bezproblemowo, simlock zdjęty z LG Leon

2020-10-25 00:38:49 Przemysław

Unlocking LG G3 S - Szybko i skutecznie, polecam.

2020-10-13 09:01:20 DONALD

Unlocking LG KU990i - Very efficient and accurate service even on an older phone. Thanks very much.

2020-10-13 05:57:18 steevenson Boaz

Unlocking LG Optimus G E973 - Good service.

2020-10-07 18:34:09 lazaro

Unlocking LG LGMS323 - Fast that I cant belived thank you

2020-10-05 16:36:41 Henry

Unlocking LG GS170 - Buen dia muchas gracias, muy satisfecho con en servicio fue a tiempo y efectivo el precio satisfecho con el valor pagado, muy complacido sigan asi. si me gustaría si poder tener la opción de tener cuenta con ustedes y poder para asi poder gozar de ciertas ventajas como usuario. nuevamente gracias.

2020-10-04 08:22:52 dodji paul

Unlocking LG DM 01G - Vous etes cool

2020-09-30 12:08:36 Tob

Unlocking LG GB102 - Quick service, worked as expected. Good stuff.

2020-09-30 10:15:04 Derek

Unlocking LG E400 - absolutely brilliant - well-designed web site - easy to use - very good price and delivery of codes. with my 3 orders I have brought new life to old neglected phones. I would certainly recommend your service to others. DJW, Essex, UK

2020-09-29 10:26:25 Paul

Unlocking LG Chocolate - Fast, fair price and easy

2020-09-28 18:00:31 Florian

Unlocking LG H440N - -Schnelle Lieferung (innerhalb von 20 Minuten) und hat alles Problemlos funktioniert. Besser geht es nicht. Danke

2020-09-28 00:48:10 Neel California

Unlocking LG G Pad 7.0 - It worked like a breeze. Received the unlock codes within a few mins after applying with clear instructions- no issues in unlocking and the device with a SIM from another vendor works perfonow. Thanks

2020-09-27 02:18:22 Lukas

Unlocking LG KE850 - got my code within minutes and it worked perfectly and for a very fair price. thank you

2020-09-23 10:51:41 Leszek

Unlocking LG G4c - ¦wietna i profesjonalnie wykonana usługa. Szybko i sprawnie udało się usun±ć simlock. Polecam

2020-09-22 11:08:04 Leszek

Unlocking LG G4c - ¦wietna i profesjonalnie wykonana usługa. Szybko i sprawnie udało się usun±ć simlock. Polecam

2020-09-18 12:30:35 James

Unlocking LG Optimus L7 - Another Good work Done I just love the way its going. Thank you guys, KEEP DOING THE GOOD WORK.

2020-09-16 09:53:15 Roland

Unlocking LG E440 - Nie mam zastrzeżeń, usługa sprawna i szybka

2020-09-16 08:37:10 Carmen

Unlocking LG G3 - Super schnell super unkompliziert perfekt

2020-09-14 18:35:53 Shankar

Unlocking LG G Flex2 - Excellent Service. Received the Unlock code in 20 minutes

2020-09-04 16:15:38 Bennett

Unlocking LG G4 - Low price and very fast delivery. Excellent service. Will be very hard to beat.

2020-09-02 16:00:26 Mateusz

Unlocking - Działa

2020-09-02 07:49:27 Carlo Cattide

Unlocking LG U370 - Good job, the phone is perfect. Thanks Cattide Carlo

2020-09-01 13:56:05 Anna

Unlocking LG GB102 - Hat alles wunderbar geklappt Innerhalb weniger Minuten habe ich den Entsperrcode erhalten und konnte mein Handy nutzen. Sehr zu empfehlen

2020-08-31 10:37:36 woj

Unlocking LG L65 D280 - polecam

2020-08-30 22:44:09 Hansi

Unlocking LG GB102 - Hatt wunderbar geklappt.

2020-08-30 08:14:34 Francisco A

Unlocking - Muy buen servicio , gracias

2020-08-28 22:30:23 Francisco

Unlocking LG G2 mini - Genail, En menos de 30 minutos ya tenia los codigos y funcionaron perfectamente.